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160000 - 200000 EUR
"1969 MASERATI GHIBLI TYPE AM115 Serial number AM1151200 Original interior Renovated engine At the 1966 Turin Motor Show, on the Ghia stand, a brand new Maserati was presented, the tipo 115, known as the Ghibli. It is the talented Giorgietto Giugiaro who signed this masterpiece. This magnificent two-seater coupe or "berlinetta" offers a taut and aggressive line of great purity. The installation of the V8 engine with dry sump allowed to lower the general line to the maximum. The front engine positioned very low, the huge and flat hood, and the very far back cockpit give the Ghibli a unique and superbly successful design. We are in the presence of the culmination of the great GT with front engine. For the record, the Ghia stand also featured a preview of the De Tomaso Mangusta. For many, the purity of its line makes it one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, of the motorized sedans. Without question, Giugiaro, then 28 years old, had signed for Ghia two masterpieces of automotive design history. The Ghibli was the most expensive sedan of its time, more expensive than the Lamborghini Miura or the Ferrari 275 GTB. The aura of the brand, the quality of manufacture and finishes were also superior. This did not prevent the model from being a great commercial success, since the production of this coupe reached a total of 1,149 units, more than its two main competitors. It was also one of the fastest cars on earth at the time. Its engine, straight from the competition, comes from the 450S, queen of the grand prix and other competitions of the time. The model we present to you has the serial number AM1151200. The engine was recently rebuilt for more than 50 000 euros of restoration work. This includes a complete engine overhaul with a new wiring harness, new timing gear, new carburetors, a new gearbox and a new front brake, to name but a few. The engine restoration is also documented. The original interior looks good, with leather on the seats that, once fed, will regain its former lustre. An engine tune and a general overhaul of the car will be necessary to fully enjoy the joys of this uniquely stylish GT.
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