CHINA, XIX century. GUAN GONG. Important... - Lot 10 - Osenat

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CHINA, XIX century. GUAN GONG. Important... - Lot 10 - Osenat
CHINA, XIX century. GUAN GONG. Important group in polychrome glazed ceramic. With workshop mark on the back. H : 70 x W : 44 cm (Good condition) The general Guan Gong, (also called Guan Di, or Kuan Kung) is considered the most popular of the protective Taoist deities. Guan Gong is the deified representation of Guan Yu, a historical figure, and a hero, of the Three Kingdoms history. Elevated to the rank of bodhisattva by Buddhism, he was set up as a model of virtue by Confucianism, which named him the holy warrior. Guan Yu was deified as early as the Chinese Sui Dynasty (588 - 618) and is still venerated in China, both as a Chinese deity, as a Buddhist deity and as a guardian deity of Taoism. Deified as a god of war, Guan Gong also became the god of wealth, the protector of the oppressed, and the protector against evil energies, and malevolent spirits. Always displaying a rather fierce, intimidating attitude, Guan Gong is used in Feng Shui as the protector of the home, office, or business. According to the Feng Shui tradition, it is best to place it in front of the front door, so that as a guardian and protector, it can watch over what is happening in the house, and thus chase away the negative and harmful energies. Expert : Cabinet Ansas et Papillon
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