1986 Citroën 2CV6 Kit Hoffmann

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1986 Citroën 2CV6 Kit Hoffmann
Serial number VF7AZKA00KA166818 Rare convertible version Reputable kit Collector's french title cabriolet" bodywork As early as the 1970s, and even though it was already, in spirit and in practice in practice, a convertible, some craftsmen have imagined kits to open up the 2CV and transform it into a convertible. The most widespread of these kits is distributed by Hoffmann Design since 1986 and is approved by the very strict German TÜV (the equivalent of our DRIRE). The Hoffmann 2 CV Cabriolet is a kit car based on the 2CV the platform of the 2CV from which it keeps the chassis and the front end of the original bodywork. Wolfgang Hoffmann, a former German and his son Felix, developed the design and the first prototypes the design and the first prototypes in Hohenfurch in 1988. The kit contains a plastic-reinforced fibreglass body part with a steel reinforced fibreglass body element with a steel frame that takes up the entire rear of the vehicle, and two side windows, a soft top, the door to the rear and all necessary screws, bolts, hinges, etc. The product was designed to be assembled by the car owner. More than 1,700 kits have been assembled, mainly by by the owners and are some of the most famous convertibles in the world. 250 would have been produced directly in Hoffmann's workshops to be Hoffmann's workshops to be sold "fully assembled" to customers. They are available in kit form, are characterised by the quality of their parts quality of the parts, the precision of the assembly instructions and can be and can be customised in a very sophisticated way. The bodywork is The bodywork is uniformly made of plastic-reinforced fibreglass. The cabriolet can be fitted with a hard top. The dashboard is moulded in The dashboard is moulded in fibreglass and includes a glove box. Our example is dressed in a two-tone black and white colour scheme that which suits it perfectly. The interior is in the same colours as the bodywork and the black soft top creates a very chic ensemble. The flat-twin engine starts up quickly and reminds us that we are at the wheel of a of a 2CV. A Hoffmann cabriolet can be enjoyed with your hair blowing in the wind. so don't miss the opportunity to drive this summer in the 2CV that no one else will have!
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