1972 PORSCHE 911 2.4S

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100000 - 120000 EUR
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1972 PORSCHE 911 2.4S
Serial number 9112301115
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Nice restoration condition
Important file of invoices
French title
911, a succession of numbers that has resonated in the heads and hearts of car enthusiasts for over half a century. A name that inspires efficiency, sportiness and rigor with a DNA that has always been preserved. Recognizable among all, the Porsche 911 defies the ages and always reinvents itself while keeping the recipe of its success: a mythical line, an adored engine, a precise driving position and a true all-rounder.
Unveiled to the general public in 1963 under the code name "901", the new Porsche sports car marks a clear change with its big sister 356 and goes from 4 cylinders to 6 flat cylinders (flat-6) still in the rear position. The first versions to be marketed will be powered by carburetors with important displacements and a power ranging from 100 to 150 horsepower.
To bypass the anti-pollution regulations in force in the United States, then the leading market for the model, the 911 will see at the end of the 1960s, versions with mechanical injections will be produced and will also allow the model to gain a few extra horses. Standing proudly above the 901 models, the 911 2.4S is the last and most powerful of this generation with 190 horsepower.
Its discreet body kit gives a more aggressive look to this version, which really stands out as the sportiest of the 901s. Very pleasant to drive, its engine is both discreet and noisy when revving up; its efficiency and its quick acceleration will surprise many people.
Delivered new in 1972, this Porsche 911 2.4S has undergone a very important restoration with more than 89 500 € of work detailed in a thick file of invoices. Ready to swallow the kilometers without difficulty, you will be able to enjoy the best of the 1970's!
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