1971 HONDA CB750 K1

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1971 HONDA CB750 K1
Serial number 1091421
4-cylinder engine with overhead camshafts
French title
MYTHIC is the word that best describes this bike launched by Honda in 1969.For the record, that year we walked on the moon, for Gainsbourg it was the erotic year and the Concorde made its first flight. Very quickly nicknamed the "750 Four" or more simply the "Four" or the "quatt'patt", it is reasonable to say that there were two periods, the one before the Four and the one after. The parallel with the automobile is quickly made, but one should not look to the land of the rising sun but rather to the land of "Spaghetti". With the milestone of the Lamborghini Miura in the field of sports cars, it can also be said that there were two periods before and after the Miura.
The Honda 750 Four has a lot to offer and turns the heads of all motorcyclists: 4-cylinder engine, overhead camshaft, 4 carburetors, electric starter, hydraulically controlled disc brakes at the front, telescopic front suspension and swing arm suspension at the rear. But the most remarkable thing is the synthesis of quality that all these elements represent: the "Four" the motorbike becomes a real pleasure with a machine easy to start which takes 200km/h without excessive vibrations, an irreproachable finish with quality chromes, a very complete equipment including in particular speedometer, rev counter, indicators, two rear-view mirrors... but one should not forget its devastating look in particular thanks to its four exhaust pipes. All the testers of the time were talking about revolution, dragster, machine of the century, in addition to its qualities of robustness and reliability.
The example presented is from 1971, it is a K1 that has been entirely restored to the highest standards. A revision has just been carried out. It differs very little from the first model, for example the wording "750 Four" which appears on the side covers. More than a motorbike, it is not only a piece of history that is offered today, but also the dream of a whole generation... sold in France in only 3 259 units.
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