THE GENERAL AULMONT DE VERRIERES Beautiful... - Lot 186 - Osenat

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THE GENERAL AULMONT DE VERRIERES Beautiful... - Lot 186 - Osenat
THE GENERAL AULMONT DE VERRIERES Beautiful silvered and chased bronze seal of the general of Artillery Aulmont de Verrieres. Pedestal decorated with three dolphins carrying a globe. Body with three faces, chiseled of the scientific attributes, arts, ... Cachet in chiseled steel with the weapons surmounting a helmet. Presented on a support. B.E. Restoration period. Biography: General of Artillery Aulmont de Verrieres Entered the service, in 1762, in the gendarmes of the king's guard, he then passes in the body of the artillery, and is employed as captain in the arsenal of Metz in 1783, and with the same rank and the cross of Saint-Louis, in 1790. He was second in command of the engineering corps, appointed on August 30, 1793 as brigade commander, he served in the army of the Eastern Pyrenees, in 1794 and 1795, and was promoted to the rank of brigade general, on October 16, 1795. He served in the army of Italy, in 1796, and commanded the artillery at the siege of Milan, which capitulated on June 29. Employed in the Ionian Islands, in 1798, he saved, on October 20, in front of the fort of Butrinto, a howitzer with which he remained, only with two gunners and some grenadiers. He served this gun himself, and fired it with machine-gun fire with such accuracy and promptness that he made the Turks and Albanians who were advancing to take it back. On February 10, 1799, he fought valiantly in a sortie that the French were attempting to make from Corfu, against the Russians and the Turco-Albanians, who were laying siege to it, and succeeded in taking back a cannon of which an enemy party had seized by surprise. On his return to France, he was appointed commander of the artillery of the 177th military division, and was awarded a sabre of honor on the day of 18 Brumaire, Year VIII (9 November 1799). Employed in General Macdonald's army, in 1800, he followed it to the Splugen passage, and took part in all the actions of this campaign. He took part in almost all the following ones, in the VIIIth corps of the Grande Armée, until 1810, when he was retired.
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