EUGENIA (empress). Correspondence of 52 letters... - Lot 24 - Osenat

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EUGENIA (empress). Correspondence of 52 letters... - Lot 24 - Osenat
EUGENIA (empress). Correspondence of 52 letters (50 autographed signed, one of which under the pseudonym "Consuelo", one autographed, one signed) addressed to Marie-Thérèse Bartholoni. 1870-1908 and s.d. A signature cut out, some envelopes preserved. S.l., March 12, 1871. " ... WE ARE MOVING TO A PLEBISCITE, I believe and hope, for in the midst of the upheaval of our unfortunate country, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GIVE STRENGTH TO A GOVERNMENT and this is where all efforts must be directed. I received a pamphlet signed "Nemo"... and I read it with interest [Les Trahisons, Geneva, s.n., December 1870 to date 1871, probably by Anatole or Marie-Thérèse Bartholoni]... I have experienced... the ingratitude and betrayal of those who were always to be our friends, DESPITE ALL, I HAVE FAITH IN THE FUTURE AND I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THE ENERGY AND STRENGTH OF THE NATION... " - Camden Place in Chislehurst, "23 8bre. " ... Like you, we were painfully surprised by the letter of P[RIN]CE N[APOLEON] to Mr. de Portalis... I DO NOT NEED TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH WE BLAME THE P[RIN]CE BUT HE IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN VERY INDISCIPLINE, HE IS LOOKING FOR THE MOMENT FOR THE PRESIDENCY OF THE REPUBLIC, without suspecting that he would be the first victim of those who use him... I cannot believe that Monsieur le Comte de Chambord makes so good use of his principle and consents to become the heir of King Louis-Philippe. One feels that there is someone deceived in this affair. Is it him, is it the country, is it both of them by the d'Orléans!..." - Arenenberg [on Lake Constance, in the Swiss conton of Thurgau], "June 28. " ... MY SON HAS BEEN IN EXPEDITION for four days and will have to prolong his little trip IN THE GLACIERES... I expect the P[rin]ce and the P[rinc]esse Napoleon about the 8th. If you want to are sure to find us here. My son enjoyed our stay in ARENBERG very much, and I myself am enjoying the beautiful view and the climate, which is drier than in England. Besides, the memory of the Emperor makes this stay more pleasant than any other. IT IS HERE THAT HE SPENT THE GOOD YEARS OF HIS YOUTH with his mother! It is here that, under almost similar circumstances, I find myself with my son. WHAT A STRANGE THING THAT DESTINY which condemns each generation to make its own way, having for only support a crushing name to bear, if one [does not] feel the strength to bear it well!..." - Amsterdam, "November 20". "I PLEASE THANK MY DAUGHTER [LOUISE] for her pretty little letter. I see that she is making progress. Her writing and the whole of her letter pleases me very much.... WHAT A Dreadful mess in France, that reputations have been lost, positions shaken, and all this is happening without those who have set the machine in motion knowing where they are going and where it will lead them... and the so-called conservatives, listening only to their grudges, are turning their one-eyed horse into a blind one, they who should be men of government, are seeing without being moved the Chamber continuing the traditions of the Convention, because they think, without a doubt, that good will come out of the excess of evil... THE ONLY THING THAT REMAINS ARE THE MORAL RUINS MORE DIFFICULT TO REPAIR THAN A CITY ON FIRE... " GODDAUGHTER OF CHATEAUBRIAND AND LADY-IN-WAITING OF THE EMPRESS EUGENIE, MADAME BARTHOLONI WAS BY HER BEAUTY ONE OF THE ORNAMENTS OF THE COURT OF THE SECOND EMPIRE. Born Marie-Thérèse Frisell (1833-1910), she was the wife of Anatole Bartholoni (1822-1902), who stood out as a supporter of Prince Louis Bonaparte in his preparations for the coup d'état of 1851, and as the first French deputy of the department of Haute-Savoie after its annexation in 1860. In gratitude for his services, Napoleon III entrusted him with the position of introducer of ambassadors to the Tuileries with the rank of Minister Plenipotentiary. At the fall of the Empire, Anatole Bartholoni went into business. MADAME BARTHOLONI HAD A BRILLIANT SALON WHICH INSPIRED MARCEL PROUST. The writer actively frequented it in the years 1897-1899, and was also a guest at the Château de Coudrée, which the Bartholonis owned on the shores of Lake Geneva, between Thonon and Geneva. The witty conversation of the former "belle de l'Empire" seems to have strongly inspired him. It was also in this salon that he met the Savoyard writer Henry Bordeaux, with whom he would correspond throughout his life, and the pianist Delafosse, who was one of the models for Morel in La Recherche. MARCEL PROUST COURTED FOR A TIME ONE OF THE THREE DAUGHTERS OF MADAME BARTHOLONI, LOUISE KNOWN AS "KIKI" (1857-1933), GODDAUGHTER OF THE EMPRESS EUGENIE. It is joined : LARMINAT (Marie de). Autograph letter signed, on behalf of the empress Eugenie, addressed to Marie-Thérèse Bartholoni. Arenenberg, September 8, 1874. Marie de Larminat was lady-in-waiting of the empress Eugenie, and left memoirs about her. - NAPOLEON (Victor). Letter
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