"DIANE IMPLORE JUPITER" Fragment. Tapestry... - Lot 219 - Osenat

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"DIANE IMPLORE JUPITER" Fragment. Tapestry... - Lot 219 - Osenat
"DIANE IMPLORE JUPITER" Fragment. Tapestry of the Savonnerie, workshop of the Faubourg Saint-Marcel. After a cardboard of Toussaint DUBREUIL : Paris ? around 1561, Paris, 1602 1st half 17th century wool, silk, gold thread. 220 x 154 cm. (Restorations, important patch in the upper right part, small accidents and resumptions to be foreseen in the relays). HISTORY: A copy similar to ours was installed, in 1789, in the castle of Fontainebleau, in the apartments of the duke and duchess of Orleans. The complete subject illustrates Diana Imploring Jupiter: enthroned under a temple architecture with salomonic columns, Jupiter, recognizable by his attributes - lightning and eagle - which lie at his feet, points with a gesture of the hand to Minerva seated below the steps (not visible on this fragment), accompanied by other gods: Apollo, Cybele, Hercules, Bacchus and Ariadne. Her gesture is reinforced by that of Juno, sitting at her feet in the company of her peacock. Diana, imploring, is kneeling in front of Jupiter, below the steps, and asks Jupiter to grant her eternal virginity, just as he has already granted it to Minerva. Behind Diana are Venus seated, Mars leaning next to her, Cupid asleep at her feet and Mercury a little further behind the group. In the background is a figure killing a dragon with an arrow while two figures stand before a circular temple architecture. This may be Apollo killing Python who had tried to harm his mother Latona. The border has a dark background and garlands of flowers. At the corners, four hunters in gray monochrome. Those of the top are standing, and those of the bottom are sitting and holding two dogs. In the middle, top, oval medallion with blue background, bottom, medallion with gold background, whose subject changes with each tapestry. On the sides, hunting trophies with heads of boar or deer. Sources: collection.mobiliernational.culture.gouv.fr Maurice Fenaille, Etat général des tapisseries de la manufacture des Gobelins depuis son origine jusqu'à nos jours, 1600-1900, Impr. Nationale, Paris, 1903-1923 (I, p. 237) , Jules Guiffrey, Inventaire général des richesses d'art de la France, Paris, monuments civils, tome IV: Tapisseries du Garde-Meuble, Paris, 1913 (p. 32) , Boccardo, Piero, Découvertes à propos de l'histoire de Diane de Toussaint Dubreuil in La tapisserie au XVIIe siècle et les collections européennes , actes du colloque international de Chambord, Paris, 1999 (p. 51-60) , Tapestry in the baroque, Threads of Splendor, New York, New Haven and London, 2007 (p. 147-153).
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