Gilt bronze and green patinated bronze "L'Afrique"... - Lot 28 - Osenat

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Result : 30 000EUR
Gilt bronze and green patinated bronze "L'Afrique"... - Lot 28 - Osenat
Gilt bronze and green patinated bronze "L'Afrique" clock representing a hunteress wearing a double pearl necklace and earrings, dressed in a feathered loincloth, her quiver on her back, one foot on a turtle, holding a bow in one hand and the other a lioness on a leash, she is seated on the enamelled dial with Arabic numerals for the hours and minutes signed Deverberie in Paris. It rests on an oval base decorated with friezes of pearls, playing putti and garlands of foliage and fruits. Beginning of the 19th century (hair on the dial, small missing pearls, patina and gilding, restorations) H. 40 cm W. 34 cm D.14 cm This model was made from a pen and watercolour drawing bearing the inscription: Deverberie horloger an VII and in the upper right corner the n°54 in the National Library, Cabinet des Estampes (Le 30). De Verberie or Verberyen 1804, rue des fossés, active clockmaker rue Barbette in 1800, boulevard du temple in 1804 then rue du Temple in 1812-1820. An identical clock is kept in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris (inv 35193): - "Pendule au Nègre" St Omer Musée de l'Hôtel Sandelin from 29 April to 12 June 1978 p. 28, fig. 16 and 17 - "De Noir et d'Or", clocks "au bon sauvage", Brussels, Royal Museum of Art and History 1993. Another is reproduced in the book - Elke Niehüser, French Bronze Clocks, Munich 1999, Schiffer Ed. p. 146, fig. 236. - Hans Ottomeyer and Peter Pröschel, Vergoldete Bronzen, Munich 1986, p.381, Fig. 5.15.25. - Pierre Kjellberg, Encyclopédie de la pendule française, Paris 1994, l'Amateur Ed. , p. 351"
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