27. BONAPARTE (Elisa). Correspondence of... - Lot 27 - Osenat

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27. BONAPARTE (Elisa). Correspondence of... - Lot 27 - Osenat
27. BONAPARTE (Elisa). Correspondence of 30 letters, that is: 6 signed autograph letters, 22 signed letters and 2 signed autograph apostilles on letters of her secretary of the commands Jean-Baptiste Troussard, addressed to the secretary of State of the Imperial Family Michel-Louis-Étienne Regnaud de Saint-Jean d'Angély. 1807-1811.Villa de Marlia, near Lucca, 28 August 1807. « ... You announce to me that you have just been named secretary of the State of the imperial family. A better choice could not have been made, and I am sure that you will honor this position as you have done all the others you have filled..." - Lucca, "7 8bre". "H[a]M[ajesty] THE EMPEROR HAS PROMISED ME TO BE THE PARENT OF MY DAUGHTER [NAPOLEONE Baciocchi, born June 3, 1806] who is not baptized, I beg you to let me know his orders for this ceremony if her trip from Italy takes place..." Also on other very diverse subjects: profession of friendship, appointment of Michel-Louis-Étienne Regnaud de Saint-Jean d'Angély as secretary of state to the imperial family, requests from the prefect of the Arno (prisons, THEATRE TO BE BUILT IN FLORENCE, repairs to the court of Arezzo), recommendations for various persons, IMPERIAL HOUSES OF THE ORPHANS, his desire to have the prefect Guillaume Capelle for secretary of his commands, PRESEANCES between the civil servants of the grand duchy, CUSTOMS EXEMPTION FOR THE OILS OF LUCKS, MUNICIPAL GUARD FOR THE CITY OF FLORENCE, goods and funds granted to his daughter the princess Napoleone, etc. ATTACHED, 20 pieces, including a letter signed by Elisa Bonaparte's husband, Felix BACIOCCHI, and a letter signed by the Minister of Foreign Relations Jean-Baptiste Nompère de CHAMPAGNY.
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