1992 PORSCHE 911 TYPE 964 RS

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1992 PORSCHE 911 TYPE 964 RS
1992 PORSCHE 911 TYPE 964 RS Serial Number WPOZZZ96ZNS490677 113,000 km origin Mythical model of the 1990s Good state of presentation The Porsche 911 is no longer to be seen, it alone symbolizes the sports car par excellence that has endured since the early 1960s and sports different versions to improve comfort but also performance. In this true timeline introduced by the Porsche 911 models since its creation, there are a few models that have forever marked this automobile saga and the hearts of enthusiasts whose RS range is part. Short of Rennsport, the two letters attached to the engine hood promise thrills and remind the owners that they have in their hands a scalpel of the road, a weapon of destruction of the competition on circuits. The myth began in the 1950s with the 550 derived from the 356 but it will develop in the 1970s with the presentation of the unmissable 911 2.7 RS presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1972. First of all, this muscular version of the first Porsche 911 develops 210 horsepower and loses a few pounds on the scale. It will follow versions designed solely for circuits (some road models will have to be produced for approval) then the range will run out of steam and will begin a desert crossing of nearly 20 years before being able to review the two letters on a 911. At the end of 1991, Porsche finally released an RS version of its 964 type, manufactured at 2,500 units and which gained only 10 horsepower compared to the Carrera 2; the gain was in the weight-loss treatment of the coupe, which lost 160 kilos. The type 993 version, heir to the 964, will also be wearing the badge on its engine hood. At the dawn of the 2000s, the name RS disappears in favor of the GT2 and GT3 which will take over the engine of the ultra-exclusive 911 type 996 GT1. This new range that continues to this day gives customers the choice between the GT3 RS, which offers a return to basics with its atmospheric engine that can go up to 9,000 rpm and the GT2 RS, which is powered by turbos for more than 700 horsepower. The Porsche 911 type 964 RS that we present to you was registered for the first time on May 6, 1992. Purchased in 2000 by the current owner, the car has its original notebook as well as its booklets and manuals. This Porsche 964 has escaped the fashion of the ultra-coursification of the 2000s and today has its original bucket seats in good condition. The owner did a restoration of the magnesium wheels that still fit in the car; some modifications were made such as a third stop light of Porsche 993 as well as different brake probes. With its aggressive black paint, the 964 remains discreet and only a sharp eye can notice the few differences with a «basic» model. Treat yourself to an exclusivity among the history of the Porsche 911 and above all a car with an efficiency that no longer needs to be proven.
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