1967 PORSCHE 912

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1967 PORSCHE 912
1967 PORSCHE 912
Serial number 12801942
Engine number 1085518
In the same family since the beginning
Clear history
Good condition

The 912 was Porsche's entry-level model for 1965. The withdrawal of the 356 and the rise of the 911
of the 911 was a possible commercial risk for the Stuttgart-based brand, which did not
the 356's clientele. This is how the 912 was launched. It was equipped with the four-cylinder engine of the 356, initially with a 1.6 litre engine and aluminium cylinder heads and block. In order to remain in the price range of its predecessor, the 912 had to do without a number of refinements such as the electric clock, the engine oil pressure gauge, the wooden steering wheel or the chrome rims. This did not prevent the 912 from being much more comfortable than the spartan 356 and yet much more affordable than a 911. Porsche had a good feel for the market and the 912 was a great success from 1965 to 1969.
The example of the Porsche 912 presented here was registered for the first time on 6 December 1967 after being inspected at the factory.
December 1967 after having been inspected at the factory in Germany on 30 November of the same year.
This 912 is a family car that was bought by the brother-in-law of the first owner in October 1969 and has been kept until today, taking care to keep the original papers of the car. Stopped for over 20 years, the car was repainted in its original colour, the engine was also completely rebuilt and all the supporting invoices are on file.
Today, the car is presented in a beautiful white colour with an original black leather interior.
When driving, the 912 handles well with a characteristic flat-4 sound; the braking and steering indicate that the car is mechanically sound and has been rigorously maintained.
For all lovers of Porsche and family history, this true first hand car is a collector's item without a doubt.
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