1938 Simca Huit Camerano Spéciale Replica

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1938 Simca Huit Camerano Spéciale Replica
1938 Simca Huit Camerano Spéciale Réplica

_Ready to race at Le Mans Classic
_Car with emotions
_French grey card
Chassis n° 807325
_One of a kind
_Driven by Jean-Pierre Jaussaud, former 24 Hours winner
_Important historical file
_FIA passport

It's midnight, it's pitch black and the fog is rising in the Sarthe, it's time for the changeover. A driver is waiting for his teammate in the pits of the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit. The Hunaudières straight line is waiting for him. The burning sun of the day has given way to a mild night, so much the better, the engine will be better cooled, we will be able to take it a little higher in the laps.
What car fan hasn't dreamed of living this moment?

That's the promise of the car we are presenting to you today.

This 1938 Simca Huit Camerano Spéciale Réplica is an exact copy of the car that took part in the 1938 edition of the legendary Manche race. This car was born from the desire of Evelyne Heisé, a former rallycross driver, to participate in Le Mans Classic. While researching the various entries of the event, she discovered that a Simca Huit had participated in the 1938 race, prepared by Vittorio Camerano. Mrs Heisé therefore decided to build a replica and asked the Camerano family for permission to enter it in the Le Mans Classic. The base of the car will be a 1938 Simca 8 body which will be completely stripped to save as much weight as possible. In a touching nod to Vittorio Camerano, the preparation of the engine was entrusted to his grand-nephew. 80 years later, he lowered the engine to improve the position of the centre of gravity and carried out various modifications: intake pipe with two Solex carburettors, direct exhaust manifold, nitrided crankshaft and special pistons. To perfect this preparation, Jean-Pierre Jaussaud, the two-time winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, agreed to team up with the master builder. The car is now in perfect working order and has of course kept its Camerano engine. This is a great opportunity to continue to pay tribute to this human adventure, by once again entering this Simca among the Bentleys, Bugattis and BMWs.

Please note that a technical inspection will have to be passed.
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