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_Beautiful wooden bodywork
_Bordelais example
_French grey card
_Funny provenance

The Ford T is powered by a 4-cylinder engine of 2896 cm3 with a 3-bearing crankshaft, side valves, side camshaft driven by gears. Ignition is by coil, vibrator and magnetic flywheel. It develops 20 hp at 1600 rpm and is coupled to a 2-speed gearbox + reverse.
It is suspended by a rigid axle and a semi-elliptical transverse leaf spring at the front and rear.

The name Ford T bordelaise corresponds to the models assembled from 1916 in Bordeaux.
Before the First World War, French customers had the choice of a large number of more refined native models, so the austere "Tin Lizzy", high on its legs and dressed all in black, had to make an effort to present itself.
In 1924 a special type of Model T, better adapted to the French market, was developed: the Ford Bordelaise, whose assembly workshop was located in Bordeaux, rue Fondaudège
At the same time, a large number of coachbuilders dressed the Ford T chassis, the main one being probably Gustave Carde fils, whose Fregoli model we present to you is still famous.

The Ford T we offer you was bought from Yann Arthus Bertrand, it had been stored in his photo studio for 28 years.
Once out of its hibernation, it needed a complete overhaul of the mechanics:
-Valve honing,
-shaker assembly,
-cylinder head gasket,
-repair of the gearbox rings,
-gasket assembly, and
-dynamo and starter

All parts have been imported from the USA
The tyres will have to be changed as the date of use has passed. The rest of the vehicle is in an honest state of preservation, corresponding to an old restoration.

It is now running perfectly and even ran alongside Thierry Dubois' speedster on August 15th
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