EVENINGS OF MEDAN (THE). Paris, G. Charpentier,... - Lot 33 - Osenat

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EVENINGS OF MEDAN (THE). Paris, G. Charpentier,... - Lot 33 - Osenat
EVENINGS OF MEDAN (THE). Paris, G. Charpentier, 1880. In-12, (8 of which the first 2 blank)-295-(1 blank) pp. bradel of garnet morocco, copy with full margins (19 x 14 cm), covers and spine preserved (Alf. Farez rel.). ORIGINAL EDITION, one of 50 numbered copies on hollande, the only one on large paper after 10 on chine. MAJOR COLLECTION CONSIDERED AS THE MANIFESTO OF NATURALISM. It includes the following texts: "L'Attaque du moulin", by Émile Zola, "Boule de suif" by Guy de Maupassant, "Sac au dos" by Joris-Karl Huysmans, "La Saignée" by Henry Céard, "L'Affaire du Grand 7" by Léon Hennique, "Après la bataille" by Paul Alexis EXAMPLE WITH 37 PIECES: - 13 AUTOGRAPHIC LETTERS AND CARDS SIGNED BY THE 6 AUTHORS: ZOLA (Émile). To Joris-Karl Huysmans]. Médan, August 24, 1880: "You are very kind to think of us, and you will give us the greatest pleasure by coming with Céard. If Hennique is free, bring him along. There are beds for everyone... ». - To Marguerite Lemonnier, wife of the publisher Georges Charpentier. Paris, February 5, 1879. « ... Here is where things stand with Flaubert. I have just seen Tourguéneff who has returned from Croisset. He shook Flaubert up a lot, who, before saying a definitive yes, wanted to know the salary of the position in question... My advice is therefore that you act immediately and vigorously. Get the situation for Flaubert anyway, especially if the place is really six thousand francs, plus lodging. Then we will make him accept it, if he still hesitates... ». Flaubert was ruined, and his friends were trying to find him a paid job. Madame Charpentier had obtained a promise to this effect from Léon Gambetta, a regular visitor to her salon, while a place at the Mazarine library seemed possible at the time. - To the writer Louis Desprez. Paris, May 11, 1885. "Thank you for your good article in L'Événement... Your study struck me with some very accurate insights. You are right: I am an outsider, it is my quality and it is my fault... I start my book tomorrow... "MAUPASSANT (Guy de). To his "dear colleague" [Rodolphe Salis, according to a later mention in pencil]. S.l., "Saturday". "I had come to see you to ask you to take care of a small negotiation. Here it is: I would like to have a fan painted by Mr. [Adolphe] Willette. Would the fine charm of his drawings come out so well on the fan? I think so, and I believe that he could, if he agreed, have many commissions of this kind in a short time. I do not know him at all personally and I am a little embarrassed to deal with the question of price, so as to keep my freedom without hurting this artist whom I appreciate infinitely. The young woman for whom this fan is intended wanted a watercolour by my friend Maurice Leloir, and I am convinced that Willette's pierrots will be delicious with a fine Louis XVI frame that I have... But I'm leaving again on Monday for Étretat... " - HUYSMANS (Joris-Karl). To a monk. S.l., 9 November 1896. « ... I will tell you when I see you the how and why of your deliverance [the abbey of Solesmes was occupied by gendarmes from 1880 to 1896]. Human cowardice knows no bounds! The only ones to be pitied now will be the poor gendarmes who are going to return to active service. They will miss the days of strolling and fishing in Solesmes! It's all the same, now that the affair is going to end, we can admit that it was not without comic episodes! "[Probably to the publisher Albert Messein]. Paris, November 12, 1904. « ... All these requests for books [probably for the edition of Paul Verlaine's Poésies religieuses, published by Albert Messein with a preface by Joris-Karl Huysmans] seem to me, as they do to you, to be mere carrots, and the best thing is to ignore them... Jean] de Bonnefon had Jules Bois ask me for a copy, and this one made me various articles, perhaps we could give him a copy for his review... It would be necessary to give him a dedication, if we send him one. Pierre-Victor] Stock must have received a copy, because I think I remember him telling me about it... Is the sale going well? "To Oscar Méténier. S.l., [October 1, 1885, according to an entry in pencil by another hand]. "I have just finished La Chair which you kindly sent me [collection published by Oscar Méténier with Henry Kistemaeckers in 1885]... "The Family" is surprisingly good-natured and horrible; this simple observation, presented in this simple and acute tone, has a great effect. "L'Aventure de [Marius] Dauriat", dedicated to [ Jean] Lorrain who inspired the subject well, I think, a little, is alertly lively and cheerful, but in this book, the suggestive and really intense part, is, in my opinion, the series of "Peti
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