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Serial number WBSCK91090LD20700 Mythical M3 E36 engine - 5 speed gearbox Clear history since new 92,000 original km - French registration In the early 1990s, the wonderful flagship segment of the 70's was reborn: the roadster. Compact, stylish, affordable and powered by a front engine, the Z3 meets all the criteria of a successful roadster. The Bavarian firm reminds us of its history with a nod to the 507 convertible, initiated a few years earlier with the Z1. BMW's ambition was to seduce the American market with its Z3, so the assembly lines were located in South Carolina. The Z3 will be available from 1996, first in the USA and then in Europe. This model will be from its beginnings a commercial success, so much so that BMW had to quickly impose a delivery time of 6 months to its customers. The success of the Z3 was also immediate thanks to a wonderful advertising campaign in the cinema. Presented in 1995 in GoldenEye, James Bond left his usual Aston Martin to get behind the wheel of a German roadster, but not the least: the Z3 in its 1.8 litre version. For its M version, the Z3 gets an engine and styling treatment worthy of a steroid treatment. From the widened rear wheel arches to the reworked front bumper, including 4 exhaust outlets and 17' wheels: the Z3 M roadster demonstrates the mastery of the Motorsport department right from the start. The interior of the Z3 M emphasizes the luxury and sportiness of the roadster. It features the classic BMW elements of this generation, plenty of leather, electrically adjustable bucket seats and a high quality finish. As for the sportiness, it is obviously reminded by the M inserts on the meters, the door sills, the steering wheel and the gear knob of the short gearbox. The chrome-rimmed meters underline the car's mean (and nervous) character; a tachometer that goes up to 8,000 rpm, a speedometer capped at 280 km/h and 3 nanometers below the radio (clock, outside temperature and oil temperature). The engine of the Z3 M will leave no one indifferent. Equipped with the inline 6-cylinder engine of the M3 E36, the first phase of the roadster developed no less than 321 hp at 7,400 rpm. That's enough to propel the roadster's 1,410 kg into lightning acceleration, with a 0 to 100 km/h time of only 5.5 seconds. All of this is accompanied by a bewitching symphony, with fuel consumption that's close to reasonable: 11.1 liters per 100 km in mixed driving. The model we present is a first generation Z3 M roadster, delivered new in France in July 1997 with its 5-speed manual gearbox "M Shift Tech" and its L6 of 3201 cm3. Adorned with a grey metallic "Arktissilber" paint job, a black soft top and a black leather interior, our convertible coupe discreetly shows the weight of the years; the leathers are still tight and the interior is in a good state of preservation. However, we would like to point out a slight cigarette hole on the driver's seat leather, in correlation with the "smoker's version" option that our model is equipped with. As for the paintwork, it was recently redone, which allows us to present this iconic model in a pleasantly fresh state of preservation. Purchased in 2003 by the owner, our car comes with a clear history of both mileage and maintenance. Our road test showed that the vehicle runs smoothly, and the power promised by BMW at the time seems to have lost none of its superbness. The same goes for the smoothness of the short gearbox, which promises a feeling far removed from the modern asepticism. We offer you the chance to acquire an already collector, powerful and elegant, as comfortable in summer as in winter.
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