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Estimation :
25000 - 28000 EUR
Result with fees
Result : 24 600EUR
Serial number 35858862F
Nice original condition
Three-door version
German road registration

No other vehicle than the Range Rover embodies the typical British philosophy of being able to drive through muddy countryside and forests during the day, and being able to dine in a tuxedo in the city after dark.
The idea of a luxurious off-roader that was at home on tarmac as well as in ruts was born in Rover's mind in the late 1960s with the emergence of a wide range of franchises around the world, inspired by Land Rover in the aftermath of the war. Named the Road Rover and then the Velar, it was introduced in 1970 under the name Rang Rover, which is still known today.
Equipped with a 3.5-litre V8 engine from Buick, a manual gearbox and permanent all-wheel drive, the first 3-door versions were very innovative in terms of aesthetics and habitability, notably with a two-part folding tailgate, a wraparound waistline and a large space on board, which are still the technical characteristics of the Range Rover today.
David Bache's pencil sketch is unmistakable; a raised station wagon shape that's both chic and robust with the feeling of being good at everything, and that's exactly what it is: insane cargo capacity with 1,025 liters of trunk space (or even 2,088 liters once the rear seat is folded down) aided by hydraulic leveling, as well as a 3.5-ton towing capacity; quite simply truck-like.
If the vehicle is meant to be luxurious, the interior is reminiscent of the 1970s: no tachometer, a 4-speed manual transmission, crank window lifts and vinyl seats; all the while remaining very technological with coil-spring suspension and telescopic shocks.
With 135 horsepower in its first versions, the Range Rover changed, 15 years later, its design while remaining faithful to the original line. It also gained in power and comfort with more and more equipment offered as standard (air conditioning, leather seats, automatic gearbox) to establish itself today as the luxury off-roader par excellence; even the Queen has several.
This is a successful challenge for this vehicle whose specifications stipulated that it should be as comfortable in front of the Opera House as in the Sahara desert.

The car we are presenting is a Range Rover Suffix F first registered in the United States on January 5th 1979. It arrived to us in its original Estnor green colour and is in a very nice condition both inside and out, where the front seats and the carpet have been recently redone. Well optioned, this Range Rover has been equipped with an overdrive which is activated by a large handle located on the right of the driver as well as air conditioning allowing to enjoy the trip in an additional comfort already offered by a Range Classic. A service was recently carried out in order to present a vehicle in a good mechanical condition, the oil change and filter as well as the replacement of the spark plugs and the battery are part of the list.
In a very satisfactory condition, this Suffix F is the last one of the Suffix collection where prices are increasing as the demand for this kind of vehicle is growing. Very pleasant to drive, this model will satisfy your desire to go on an adventure.
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