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SERIAL NUMBER 1271089 1972 FRENCH PURCHASE INVOICE AND ORDER FORM CLEAR HISTORY - 54,000 KM FROM NEW MATCHING COLOR PAINT OLIVE GREEN METALLIC FRENCH COLLECTOR'S REGISTRATION The history of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT begins with Giorgetto Giugiaro, for Carrozzeria Bertone, who designed the GT Coupé in 1963 to succeed the Giulietta and Giulia Sprint Coupé. Giugiaro would be recognized by his peers almost 36 years later as the designer of the century. With this genius design, Alfa Romeo will produce a whole range of cars, evolving the style and the mechanics over time until 1977. With 90 horsepower and a surprising amount of torque for a small 4-cylinder engine, this coupe offers a very captivating sound. The GT coupe with its 4 ATE disc brakes was a very attractive offer for its time. The 1300 junior phase 3 offered, in spite of its entry-level positioning, a 4-cylinder twin overhead camshaft engine fed by two twin Weber carburetors. This little rear-wheel drive coupe had 90 horsepower at 6,000 rpm for a weight of 930 kg. A little bomb that promised (and still promises) sensations beyond compare. Our example is presented in a configuration as chic as it is charming. Its olive green metallic "matching color" paint is well stretched and has only a few minor defects. The paint was redone 5 years ago in full respect of the Alfa colour code "Verde Oliva n. 213". The chrome bumpers are flawless and have been recently repolished, the original rims are also in good condition. The brake system was changed less than a year ago and the safety devices were revised at the same time. An expert report dated May 2019 shows the general good condition of the vehicle, both mechanically and aesthetically. It should be noted that the driver's side door is not properly adjusted. Its light brown Havana skai (for the "Junior" models) interior presents well and has been restored on the driver side. The original steering wheel is in black bakelite, being one of the "luxurious" options of the time. The dashboard shows the usual Alfa cracks and the instrument panel has a nice and light patina. The great plus of this vehicle is its documentation, it is sold with its order form at Alfa Romeo in Colmar in 1972 and its purchase invoice from the time by Dr. A. Boll. The documentation, the history and the expertise report allow to attest the 54 000 original km. Our road test demonstrated the good mechanical condition of the vehicle, the mythical "Twin-Cam Bialbero" turns at the quarter turn and the gears pass well. Even in its 1300 junior configuration, this little Alfa-Romeo with its timeless design offers a lot of sensations and good revs. Despite its age, this little coupe has nothing of an old lady about it, on the contrary, it preserves its nervous and agile character and easily thrills the driver.
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