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Serial number AR613036 Engine number AR00526/A - F6222 Designed by Bertone Delivered new in Florence Complete rebuild in 1994 Large lot of original GTA parts Numerous participations in the Tour Auto French registration Following the nostalgic craze of most of the historical car manufacturers in the world, Alfa Romeo has just presented to the press its new Giulia GTA and Giulia GTAm, a sporty, even radical, version of its Giulia sedan. But the name "GTA" is not just a dusting of three letters on the rear trunk of this car, they are a message to the world of motor racing, reaffirming the place that the four-leaf clover has occupied on the racetrack since the 1930s. The original Giulia GTA was born in 1965 but the idea of designing it was born in the minds of Alfa Romeo engineers in the early 1960s with the arrival of increasingly tough competition, particularly in the European Touring Challenge where a certain Lotus Cortina was giving the Milanese firm a hard time. The battle plan was launched at the end of 1964 and Alfa Romeo asked the young company Autodelta to transform the brand new Giulia Sprint GT 1600, keeping its aesthetics but radically changing its interior and its mechanics. For the models intended for competition, the elegant and comfortable interior was emptied and prepared, the large wooden steering wheel was replaced by a smaller leather one, the seats were transformed into bucket seats and the speedometer showed 260 km/h at the end of the race. With its aluminium body, the Giulia GTA gives meaning to the three letters "A" which stands for "Alleggerita" or lightened, the coupe goes from 950 to 795 kilos, losing 150 kilos in the process. If the mechanics of the Sprint GT 1600 were already convincing in sporty driving, the GTA benefits from larger Weber carburetors and a double ignition per cylinder allowing the 1570 cc to reach 170 horsepower in competition propelling the car beyond 230 km/h. Presented in February 1965 in Amsterdam, the sports car soon became a success in almost all the disciplines in which it participated, equally at ease in hill-climbing, rallying or on asphalt, and won the French rally championship in 1966, first place in its category in the Tour de France Automobile in 1970 and in the Tour of Corsica in 1966. Two other versions of the GTA were developed to maximise its chances of success with the exclusive GTA SA with its twin compressor engine and the 1300 Junior allowing the coupe to race in the under 1300cc class. Limited to 501 examples between 1965 and 1969, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA is a rarity highly coveted by collectors and amateur drivers, a mythical design that contains a powerful and sonorous engine, perfect for competing in many historic rallies. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA we present to you left the factory on December 2, 1965 and was first registered on March 10, 1966 in Florence, acquired by Mr. D. Spartaco. Sold a year and a half later to Mr S.Cottino, it made the trip from Florence to Turin where a new registration is registered TO 954008. A certificate of public sale issued by the Automobile Club of Italy attests to this exchange valued at 1 million lire. Kept for a short time in the possession of Mr. Cottino, he sold it on November 12, 1968 to Mr. V. Busto, still in the Turin area. The trace of this new owner is also attested by a letter from the Automobile Club of Italy. Remaining in Italy until the beginning of the 2000's, AR613036 underwent a complete rebuild from 1996 to 1997 by Mr A.Nicodemi who changed the original bodywork for a new aluminium one but corresponding to the aesthetic and technical specifications of the GTA. A FIA Historic Car Identity Card dated April 23, 1997 attests to this rebuild and presents the coupe in white, with a bucket seat and a roll bar. The car was also mechanically rebuilt with new Weber 45 DCOE carburetors. Today, the car has a two-tone red and white paint job with a slight patina. The bumpers and the chrome elements have been removed, only the characteristic grille and the light surround remain. The original mirrors were replaced by a black plastic competition model, the windows are in Plexiglas as they were when the car left the factory, the door handles have been reduced to their simplest form. The interior of the GTA is a real call to race on the track, two seats are available for the driver.
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