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SERIAL NUMBER TS723882 Nice cosmetic patina Mechanics revised FRENCH REGISTRATION The Triumph TR3 is one of the most popular models of the late 50s/early 60s. All the yéyé era succumbed to its charm including Johnny Halliday who found in it his first ride as soon as he got his licence. Whether it was a sports car, a dragster, a cruiser or a racer, it could do it all, it could live it all! The pleasure is complete and total, the joy is there. Reliable and robust, its engine is said to be "a real puncture-proof tractor". No electronics, no problems, what more could you ask for? Its lines are sensual and successful, the proof: it has been a favourite since its inception! Launched at the end of 1955, the TR3 added an A to its name with a few improvements at the end of 1957. They can be recognized by the exterior door handles. The engine goes from 95 to 100 HP but it's still the 1991cc four cylinders. The advertisement of the time defined the car as "at ease on the road as in town, the Triumph TR 3 has everything you need to satisfy your daily needs and to meet your every desire". The advert was true and still holds true today. This 1960 Triumph TR3A is presented in satisfactory condition. The Primrose Yellow paintwork has an elegant patina, symbolising the passage of time on the bodywork. The Black Vynile upholstery is in good condition, without any tear or damage, as well as the soft top. Mechanically, the 4-cylinder engine purrs perfectly well and our road test showed a very pleasant and exhilarating car to drive where the sport is put at its right value; just the right amount of power and torque, a healthy road behavior despite a slight play in the steering, a reassuring car when you have fun taking corners at the rope. Good for everything, attractive, sporty, breathtaking, there is no shortage of adjectives to describe this little piece of fun on four wheels, a must-have.
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