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SERIAL NUMBER 3B N1 6247 BODYWORK TORPEDO SPORT ENGINE 4 CYLINDERS IN LINE FICHE FFVE FRENCH COLLECTOR'S REGISTRATION CARD The brand was named after Emile Salmson (1859-1917), son of Jean-Jules Salmson and grandson of Jean-Baptiste Salmson, of Swedish origin, who opened a workshop specialising in pumps and steam engines around 1890. He then expanded into the aeronautical industry, manufacturing the Canton-Unné seven-cylinder star engine mounted by Breguet and Voisin from 1909. In early 1913, the Société des Moteurs Salmson (SMS) was created. Once peace had returned, part of the business was converted to the manufacture under licence of the English G.N. (Godfrey and Nash) cyclecar, launched for the 1919 Paris Motor Show. Two years later, the AL type used a double overhead camshaft engine on the GS (Grand Sport) version. Heavily modified (GSS, GSC and GS-GP), it won numerous races in its class, including the Bol d'Or (1923), the 24 Hours of Le Mans (1926, 1927, 1928) and the 200 Miles of Brooklands (1922, 1923, 1924, 1925). In the autumn of 1921, the Saint Andrew's Cross became the brand's emblem. This 1920 Salmson AL3 is equipped with a very nice streamlined body. It is in a very good state of presentation. It has a 1086 cc water-cooled in-line four-cylinder engine fed by a Solex carburettor. The ignition is done by a Salmson engraved magneto fixed on the left side of the engine. Its engraved number is partly hidden by the blue painted ring. The magneto cover sheet is painted in red. The adjustable advance of which this model is equipped would be an option reserved for the Sport model. The mechanics have to be restarted but the seller indicates that a start and several kilometers were done without difficulties with this torpedo a few months ago. The AL3 is one of the last sports cars produced by Salmson before the brand dedicated itself only to luxury cars. It is the reflection of an era when motorsport made the eyes of enthusiasts shine, and still today it unleashes the enthusiasm of enthusiasts! With your glasses on, all your senses are alert in a cyclecar and you quickly forget about the rest of the world to concentrate on your driving and enjoy the landscape. This Salmson is finally the essence of adventure, as Charles Lindbergh said, it is in every breath of wind, and this Salmson promises you some. This is a very nice cyclecar, ready to participate in historical events.
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