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Estimation :
150000 - 200000 EUR
Result with fees
Result : 175 000EUR
Gold and royal blue enamel setting on a diamond-enriched lattice background. The shaft is entirely filigree with a gold ribbon filigree enhanced by a double striated filigree and lined with a double twisted filigree. The upper and lower parts of the shaft are decorated with two bracelets, each made of 33 small faceted diamonds mounted on claws.
Enamelled oval pommel, decorated on each side with a semi of 27 small faceted diamonds mounted on claws.
Domed rivet knob.
One branch guard, donkey step and bi-valve shell.
Fine enamelled gold hilt branch widening in the centre and bearing 38 faceted diamonds of various sizes, set on claws, on either side of an amatized background; ending in a quillon curved towards the tip, decorated and adorned en suite.
Enamelled body knot, enriched with a flower on each side, each formed by 7 diamonds.
Blue enamelled bi-valve shell, set with a semi of 80 small faceted diamonds mounted on claws, with a border decorated with a series of 144 diamonds of different sizes, in a string, interspersed with eight flowers in a row.
Straight triangular blade engraved, gilded and blued throughout.
On the heel " Bougues et Giverne son gendre Mds Fourbisseurs rue de la Vielle Boucherie à l'Epée Royale à Paris " ; decorated with foliage, women with ribbons, shells, flowers, moons, symbols and inscription " Sperit Humilia Vertus ", " Amoris Vinalla Casta ", pine cones, flowers and characters; on the other side, at the heel, "De la Fabrique de la Marque au Raisin", palms, foliage, scrolls, shells and "Sperit Humilia Veritas", sun and "Amoris Vinalla Casta", characters, flowers, crown of foliage, pine cones and foliage.
Wooden scabbard, lined inside with red felt and covered with white shagreen, with three gold trimmings.
Gold chain, cut out, decorated with three half bracelets, two blue enamelled and one bearing the suspension ring; enriched with two half bracelets each decorated with 9 faceted diamonds and mounted on a claw on an amati background. Bracelet made up of two hemmed gold rings, the upper one bearing the second suspension ring framing a blue enamel reserve decorated with a semi of 17 faceted diamonds mounted on claws. Gold shoulder strap decorated with a blue enamelled half bracelet with a ball stinger.
Length of the sword: 98,7 cm. Length of the blade: 88,8 cm. Length of the sword with scabbard : 99,5 cm.
Posterior scabbard of very good quality, made to the model.
T.B.E. About 1780.

- Collection of the Princes of Hohenzollern.
- Former collection Dietrich Stürken.

Biographies :
Pierre BOUGUESE (Bougues). Fourbisseur in Paris. Among the modern and young Masters of the Community in 1724. Still practises in 1733. Recorded on a blade of sword of vénerie: "Bougues and Giverne, merchants fourbisseurs street of the Old Butcher's shop A the Royal Sword provide manufactures of the King in Paris". This signature can be found on swords from the second half of the 18th century. Bougues has a son-in-law who signs Dupuis. Seen on the blade of a city sword of the reign of Louis XVI: " Bougues Fourbisseur au Cie de Mousquetaires à Paris ".

Etienne GIVERNE (Givernet, Guierne, Guerne). Fourbisseur in Paris since 1745. Found in the bottom of the notaries the act of marriage of Etienne Givernet with Catherine Geneviève Bourgues on January 8, 1751. Received as a master furrier as an apprentice and by masterpiece on November 15, 1751 in Paris. Fourbisseur of the Musketeers and the House of the King in 1774/1777. He will finish his life in Meudon.

Seen " Giverne Md Fourbisseur des deux Compagnies des Mousquetaires Rue de la Vieille Boucherie entre le Pont Saint Michel et la rue de la Harpe à Paris " on the heel of the blade of a sabre of Dragons of 1767, on the heel of a blade or on the back of the blade of a sword of the 2nd Company of the Musketeers of the King, on the blades of the swords of the Bodyguards of the King of Poland and still on the heel of an officer's walloon of the Gendarmerie of the first half of the XVIIIth century.

Our sword comes from the former Dietrich Stürken collection, who is said to have acquired it from the Princes of Hohenzollern.
The castle of Sigmaringen possessed via Marie Antoinette Murat, wife of Charles of Hohenzollern Sigmaringen, a collection of Napoleonic relics which could explain the presence of this luxury French sword of the end of the XVIIIth century at the German princes. Our sword could also be a purchase made at the time by the family.
Our sword appears to be a present, or dignitary model, it should be noted that the blade does not have the royal arms.

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