1968 JAGUAR 420

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1968 JAGUAR 420
Serial number PIF25414DN Delivered new in France Rare manual gearbox - French registration The Jaguar 420 was launched on October 13, 1966 at the London Motor Show. Very homogeneous and endowed with a real personality, the 420 appears balanced, tempered, but above all elegant. Under the hood, it is the 4.2-liter engine that powers the luxury sedan. One of the 420's strong points is also its braking system, which is more efficient than the S-type. Bernard Viart in his excellent book "Jaguar Sedans and Tradition" describes the 420: "On the road, the 420 is brilliant, fast, nervous and it leaves far behind the Mark II 3.4 and the 3.8-liter S in terms of acceleration up to 160 km/h". Luxurious and comfortable, Jaguar wanted to further establish itself in the field of the statutory sedan with a significant reserve of power under the right foot. With its sporting past and its victories in competition in the 1950s and 1960s, the feline firm thought it was doing well with its MK X and expected a success almost equal to that of the Type-E. In spite of this, the sedan was quickly rejected or even undercut by a large part of their clientele who preferred to turn to Bentleys and Rolls-Royces. Delivered new by Royal Elysée in France, this Jaguar 420 was first registered in 1968. Aesthetically, the sedan is impressive with its plunging grille and sculpted hips; the brand's promise of a car that is both statuesque and leaping like a feline on its prey is kept. Sporting a navy blue paint job with a thin ochre border on the body, the car reveals a rather nice patina showing a quality paint job done a few years ago. The interior is where the 420 really shines; indeed, the entire sand-colored leather upholstery was recently redone and gives the car a lot of character. The very large front seats, separated by a central armrest, are extremely comfortable, which shows that Jaguar is trying to compete with Rolls-Royce. The instrumentation is in the vein of what the company did on the E-Type in particular; the speedometer and rev counter face the driver while the oil pressure, water temperature and fuel gauge dials sit in the middle of the varnished wood dashboard, which is still quite fresh. In the middle of the center console stands the bakelite gear knob. Mechanically, the 4.2L inline 6-cylinder engine seems to run well. Our car has been recently refurbished. The seat upholstery has been changed for 4500 euros. A complete stainless steel pot was fitted in 2017. Neither the engine nor the gearbox has any leakage, which is rare for an English car. Choosing a Jaguar 420 is above all appreciating the driving comfort with a noble engine that we feel when our right foot mashes the accelerator pedal. With the price now at its lowest, the 420 is surely an investment for the future.
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