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Serial number 1G1AY0784E5150527 French registration Born in 1953 to compete with European roadsters and other sports cars, the Corvette was a real success for the brand of the Swiss founder. Its European inspired design allowed it to conquer the Americans. It was a complete success, so much so that the Corvette is still in the Detroit-based company's catalogue today. If the C1, C2 and C3 were successful, the C4, which appeared in 1984, had some difficulty establishing itself in the GT sports car market. With 205 horsepower and a significant weight, it struggled with its European competitors with a much more modern design. Today, it is the most affordable Corvette, much to the delight of enthusiasts who can acquire a myth at a very reasonable price! The car we offer for sale is a C4 Coupe from the first vintage. It has benefited from many expenses to be presented today in a very nice condition. A new paint job has been done at Pelletier Avon after removal of all accessories. An aluminium radiator has been installed, the water pump, the alternator and the steering oil jar have been replaced. The stainless steel exhaust system enhances the sound of the V8 and invites to open the windows to enjoy it. The last service was performed in June 2018. Equipped with an automatic gearbox and the 205 horsepower V8, it is just waiting to get back on the road, as its technical control is valid. It is a true icon of the 80's, with a luscious interior atmosphere, well representative of the arrival of analog in our cars. The original user's booklet will be delivered with the car.
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