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Result : 39 000EUR
Serial number : 714305 - Engine number : MO-101 / 01108 Very nice conversion to a convertible French registration The 15/6, powerful and fast, is today one of the most sought after Tractions. The first 15/6 Gs are the rarest, while the last 15/6 Hs are the most advanced: there is something for everyone. One thing is sure, the "15" is an admired, respected and collected car, in short a sure value that will remain for a long time in the French car landscape of the 60's: enough to mark several generations of enthusiasts! As far as the 15 Six is concerned, there were no coupés or cabriolets produced in series. Madame will have her own 15 HP convertible but she was the boss's wife! The 15 Sixes, presented in 1938, were all sedans with 4 or 6 windows, the latter was called long sedan, limousine or wagon. The 4-window sedan body is much more balanced with a longer hood than the 4-cylinder models. Its comfort and its top speed of 135 km/h made it quickly nicknamed the "Queen of the Road". Our Citroën 15 six is a 1952 model with straight bumpers and a "flat" trunk. It is in a superb condition. The interior in light grey leather is perfect. The engine has been completely rebuilt and runs very well. The paint and the chrome are splendid. The fenders are equipped with aluminium shoes. The odometer shows 60,819 km. This is certainly a very nice example of the famous "15", it is immediately usable. It is ready to be used immediately. You can now enjoy country rides on the small roads of France.
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