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2,4 GTI Cabriolet - Chassis 05ME0804 Engine MA / Series ME - French registration Only 5 examples manufactured At the beginning of the 80's, the Peugeot 504 Cabriolet was at the end of its life, and there would soon be no more top-of-the-range French cabriolet. A Citroën enthusiast engineer, Guy Deslandes, thought it was a pity that there was no cabriolet version in the CX range like there was for the DS. Wishing to own one, he approached the coachbuilders Chapron and Heuliez to have one made. But the estimate presented by Chapron was far too high, while Heuliez indicated that they were not able to make a cabriolet based on a CX. He therefore decided to make the project himself, using the profiles of previous Citroën-based convertibles and keeping the style and lines of the CX saloon. The base model for this transformation was chosen from the top of the range: the CX 2400 GTI. The general lines of the CX sedan are respected in this transformation, the design includes the horizontal lines of the top of the CX doors. The rear is cut in a descending shape reminiscent of the DS convertible but slightly less steep. The prototype is ready in April 1983, it is the only one entirely in sheet metal, the other models will have a fiberglass rear end! Mr Deslandes wanted to produce a small series of his convertibles on a CX base, but the bad agreement with Citroën decided otherwise. To facilitate access to the rear seats, the length of the doors was increased by 11 cm, as on the DS cabriolet, which necessitated the relocation of the middle foot and the manufacture of specific side windows which were made with the help of Saint Gobain (automotive approved glass). In the end, only 4 examples were made (in addition to the 83 prototype), which makes this a really rare Citroën. At the 1984 Geneva Motor Show, the CX Orpheus was only visible from the afternoon of the second day, the Citroën decision-makers could only see it through the press kit. Having had time to prepare its presentation, it was present from the beginning at the 1984 Paris Motor Show in a pearly white livery with red upholstery. The car we are offering is in a very good mechanical and aesthetic condition. A great opportunity to drive a different car, in an ultra rare car, as only 5 examples were produced. It represents perhaps the end of Citroën's luxury convertibles and the end of an era too, when it was still possible for an enthusiast to get along with a big group and present his creation on their stand.
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