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Series 201662 Engine ID / AG 3071 French registration In the 30's, most car manufacturers offered different body styles on a chassis-engine combination that remained the same. The customer had the choice between coupe, sedan, cabriolet and coupé. Citroën's flagship model, the front-wheel drive, was therefore available in the same way. As for the coupé version, it was the stylist Flaminio Bertoni who sculpted its lines, and it is obviously his pencil stroke that makes it so charming. From the windscreen upwards, the interior consists of a small cockpit with a very bulbous appearance, the beauty of which lies in the reminder of the curve of the rear of the car in the shape of the rear window. Funnily enough, Citroën insisted that the speeder could be used as both a luggage compartment and a seating area. It was therefore possible to seat 6 people in this coupe, 2 in the front, 2 in the back with the folding seat option and 2 in the speeder. For a collector of traction, acquiring a pre-1940 Faux-cabriolet is a privilege. The one we present is black with black upholstery, the car is in a beautiful condition, the restoration showing a nice patina. Let's remember that the faux-cabriolet is one of the rarest versions of the famous Citroën since, manufactured until the fall of 1938, its production did not exceed 700 examples. It is a car that has its place in elegance competitions, alongside the roadsters.
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