1938 SIMCA 5

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1938 SIMCA 5
Serial number : 6216 - Nice condition Popular and endearing French collector's registration The Simca five (Fiat 500 Topolino A) is a small popular two-seater car "for less than 10,000 francs" (9,900 francs). (9,900 francs), designed by Fiat engineers in Turin before the Second World War. It was presented for the first time at Nanterre in the first Simca factory on 10 March 1936, three months before the Italian version, and 46,472 were produced. Simca's management explained at the time: "We are ahead of the wishes expressed on the other side of the Rhine", referring to the future German Volkswagen "Beetle", which would not be released until 1938. The Simca 5 we are offering has been in the hands of the same owner since 1988. Today, the little popular car, predecessor of the Fiat 500, is in a beautiful state of preservation with an elegant burgundy paint and a grey interior that perfectly matches the whole. Mechanically, the small 4-cylinder 12 horsepower engine crackles perfectly, this reliable and economical engine will take you to the end of the world; if you are not in a hurry. Terribly appealing, the Simca 5 is a reflection of the post-war European economic rebound. Stand out from the Fiat 500 armada and enjoy life at 60 km/h.
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