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Estimation :
6000 - 8000 EUR
Result with fees
Result : 12 000EUR
Serial number : 5427 - Engine number : 12420
French registration - Rare Type A, first Citroën
Only known Boulangère bodywork on short chassis
Complete restoration to a high standard

After the First World War, André Citroën started the car industry with one idea in mind. To make this new means of transport accessible to the greatest number of people. He wanted to democratize the automobile!
He will therefore go through the large series, to be able to control and negotiate the costs.
The concretization of this idea passes by the realization of a small popular car.
It is the engineer Jules Salomon who will be the designer with as a result a car simple to manufacture, to use and to maintain, in response to the Ford T of Henri Ford.
The Type A in the short chassis baker version has a real elegance and, cornerstone of the manufacturer that is being born, it is equipped with a 1 327 cm3 side-mounted four-cylinder engine developing 18 hp. This car was a great success and Citroën developed it into the B2 and the numerous successes that it is known for.
The Citroën we present to you is the only Boulangère short chassis version we know of. It could therefore be a unique car. It has benefited from a remarkable complete restoration and is a pure pleasure for the eyes. Its electric blue, beige hood and black interior dialogue perfectly together. One thing is for sure, you won't go unnoticed behind the wheel.
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