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BERBEROVA NINA (1901-1993) - AUTOGRAPH Archive... - Lot 36 - Osenat
Archive of documents of the writer Nina Berberova including:
* 7 autograph letters signed, addressed to the publisher Solomon Kaplun. Between 1923 and 1932. 14 pp. in Russian, format differs; a typescript in German, 1 p., in-4; a typescript in Russian from the publisher of the magazine "Conversation"; a visiting card from N. Berberova addressed to S. Kaplun.
This archive presents a rare testimony of the life of Nina Berberova and her husband, the writer Vladislav Khodassevitch, during the emigration to Berlin and then to Paris. The couple tried to survive on the income from publications in the literary magazines of the white emigration. They were very dependent on the renowned publisher Solomon Kaplun (an important personality at the time). Between 1923 and 1925, V. Khodassevich wrote regularly for the literary magazine "Conversation" (created by Solomon Kaplun and Maxim Gorky). "Dear Solomon Gitmanovich, I am writing to you without warning Vladislav Felitsovich. I am writing to you in a friendly manner, always friendly, but at the same time to discuss business. It is several months since the "Conversation" was accepted in Russia. We have no news from you (...) there is still a question of money. Without you, Vladislav Felitsevitch has no way to get by. (...) I know from Grzhebin that you were short of money, and Emilia Markovna too. Has the situation improved since then? Alexei Maximovich asks for new texts from Vlad. Felits. Here people work on condition that they are paid directly. (...) not to give him anything would mean ruining our relationship, but writing for free is really not possible because we barely survive. "The difficult situation of the family's life in emigration, Khodassevich's regular illnesses and depressions are recurrent in Berberova's letters to Kaplun. "Here it is absolutely impossible to borrow even a hundred francs. Yesterday it took me six hours to find 150 francs! No one has a single stash here. Nobody has any money. (...) try to get money from Berlin as soon as possible. Khodassevitch spends his days in bed. »
Despite the difficulties, they managed to retain the friendship of Solomon Kaplun's family, and Berberova wrote to him regularly even after her separation from Khodassevich. "I received three cold letters from V.F. I dreamed last night that he was getting married to Olenka (...) how do you find him now? »

* The Fate of Louise Demourg. Drama in five parts. Autograph. 60 pp. (numbered 3 to 60), text stops in the middle of the final scene on page 60. Lined paper, black ink and pink pencil, in-4. B.E. (slight tears and folds at corners).

During her career, Nina Berberova tried her hand at playwriting several times. The first attempts at plays, among which is the work we are auctioning, were made in Paris. The end of the 1920s and the beginning of the 1930s was an extremely difficult period for the Berberova-Khodassevich couple. In her late recollections Nina Nikolaevna often remarks that she wrote very little in Paris and spent all her time looking for work to earn a living. In the 1920s and 1930s she tried to write several plays, the comedy "Madame" was even presented in the theater with some success.

The subject of "The Fate of Louise Demurg" is strongly influenced by the poetry of her "Russian Symbolist" friends and by romantic literature. The young Louise runs away from home to marry a young German in the middle of the night in the church. On her way to the wedding, her fiancé accidentally dies in a snowstorm. By a strange coincidence she will be married to a stranger. The story is set at the beginning of the 20th century and the author tries to show in parallel the society and its changes.
Nina Berberova will mark the European literature as a very realistic writer, witness of her time. Her plays will remain rare and she will write mostly biographical novels, but the dramatism developed in the 1930s will mark her writing forever. The drama "The Fate of Louise Demurg" is interesting in the context of the author's early life and remains unique on the market, knowing that almost the entire archive of N. Berberova is in American universities and libraries that inherited it after the author's death.

БЕРБЕРОВА Нина (1901-1993) - Автограф
АРХИВ документов писательницы Нина Берберовой:
* 7 писем полных автографов Нины Берберовой, адресованных издателю Соломону Каплуну. Ок.1923-1932 гг., 14 стр., разного формата;1 машинопись на немецком; 1 машинописное письмо к Н.Берберовой от издательства журнала " Беседа "; Визитная карточка Н.Берберовой с запиской к С.Г.Каплуну
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