1971 CITROËN DSUPER 5 Serial number 00FD0667 Many... - Lot 90 - Osenat

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1971 CITROËN DSUPER 5 Serial number 00FD0667 Many... - Lot 90 - Osenat
1971 CITROËN DSUPER 5 Serial number 00FD0667 Many recent charges Technical inspection less than 6 months old French registration The DS was a "revolutionary" car, a clean slate from the past when it was introduced in 1955. For once, this overused term was not abused in the face of the absolute innovation of this gifted Citroën. During its 20-year career, this exceptional avant-garde car was sold at the price of an "ordinary" model. In fact, it was an unlimited edition prototype! The DS is an extraordinary car and benefits from the evolutions over time. After the appearance of grilles on the front wings (in 1960) to improve engine cooling, the car found its second appearance in September 1962 with the first aesthetic touch-up to its bow: in this case, a modification of its fairing and the integration of rubber bumpers to the bumper. At the end of 1967, as it entered its twelfth year, the DS changed its face one last time to better perpetuate its legend. A legend that has stood the test of time, since the masterpiece of the Quai de Javel will remain a reference on the market of large European road cars until its withdrawal in 1975, 20 years after its birth. The last generation of the DS is characterized by its "third type" face. It was unveiled at the 1967 Paris Motor Show, where Citroën surprised visitors with a new look. More than a redesign, it was a complete overhaul of the front end that did not alter the car's aesthetics in any way. Citroën is to be congratulated for respecting and preserving the original line of the DS. Its modernized face gives the DS a new dimension by giving it the suggestive and almost worrying expression of a wild beast ready to attack. This aggressiveness led to Italian advertising announcing "an even sportier line". When it came out in May 1957, the Citroën ID 19 Luxe was powered by a 1,911 cm3 66 HP engine with a single-barrel carburettor. It shared the hydraulic suspension with the DS, but was distinguished by the conventional clutch gearbox. The IDs are recognizable by their small wheel covers, black rubber windshield surrounds, burgundy and then black plastic rear turn signal horns and silver chevrons on the rear trunk. The roof of the IDs was made of unpainted translucent fiberglass (eggshell color), it was painted white from the 1962 models onwards, while it took advantage of the restyling of the DS in 1967 to adopt a new front end identical to that of its big sister. In 1970, while the dashboard of the ID evolved to look more seventies than fifties, the ID 20 was now called DSuper, and was powered by the 1 985 cm3 of 91 horsepower. This Citroën DSuper 5 was launched on August 16, 1971. Originally painted in Albatros Beige AC087, it was completely repainted in a metallic anthracite close to Palladium Grey. The bodywork is in good condition. The upholstery was redone in the same colour as the original one, in accordance with the Pallas references, and it matches very well with the body. Among the biggest expenses, we find, apart from the upholstery and the cabin, many door seals and window cleaners, various fittings, but also the water pump and its pulleys replaced by new ones. On the road, the car behaves correctly, the suspension is comfortable without any unwanted bounce, the gearbox handles without any problem on the five speeds and the engine runs normally. Only the tires need to be replaced, and the clutch needs to be checked, as it slips slightly and prevents the engine from being fully used. This is a beautiful and slightly "DS-ized" DSuper 5 that we are offering for sale today with numerous invoices from Blondeau and its valid technical control less than 6 months old.
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