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130000 - 180000 EUR
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Result : 174 000EUR
Serial number 153737
Engine number 700153 type 616/12
French collector's registration

The first Porsche, the one that in 1948 had the number 356-001, had no roof, it was a two-seater roadster whose design by Erwin Komenda was to change very little throughout the life of the 356, if not for all the models of the brand until today, Porsche will always have been faithful to it, just as he was during his career with Ferdinand. Thus, the 356 coupe and cabriolet were born from this initial design in 1949. The recipe was simple: a mass-produced Volkswagen base, a slightly prepared engine and a design sufficiently modified to give it the status of a sports car. Very quickly the success was there, the production resources were not enough and the 356 were produced at Reutter and Heuer before returning to the factory in Zuffenhausen. In 1951, the little Porsche had already made its nest in the world of sports cars with a class victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the company finally had the resources to really develop it. A roadster was added to the catalogue in 1952, followed by a speedster in 1954, and at the same time the engines became more powerful and more varied. In 1956 came the 356 A, subtly rejuvenating the design of the little Porsche, even welcoming a brand new 1600 cm3 in its catalogue, while the running gear was updated. In 1960, the 356 A was replaced by the B, intended to keep the 356 in the hard-fought sports car market. On the program, more comfort and more performance with the adoption of a new 1600 cm3 of 90 horsepower for the 356 B 1600 Super. Finally in 1964, while the 911 was beginning its life, the 356 offered itself a last hurrah with the 356 C which adopted for the occasion, the four disc brakes of the 356 B Carrera 2, letting disappear the 60 horsepower version of the 1600, replaced by the 75 horsepower version.

This Porsche 356 Cabriolet 1600 Super BT5 was launched in 1960 in the USA. We trace its history back to 1983, it was then in Maryland and remained in the same hands until 2010 and its import in France. It was overhauled in 2012 for its mechanics, its clutch, its running gear and its braking system. It was then maintained at ZS Style. Acquired by its current owner in 2017, the latter used it regularly during stays in Corsica. The Porsche was brought back to Paris in 2019 and is still maintained at ZS Style. Today, this 356 is in a beautiful presentation condition. Its Silver Metallic 6006 paint has no notable flaws, its soft top is recent and its red leather interior offers a very elegant patina, with no major flaws!
This Porsche 356 is a great opportunity to acquire an elegant 1600 Super convertible, maintained and ready to drive, in cult colors such as silver and red!
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