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Serial number 481149
Stayed in the same family for a long time
French registration

The Dyna X was presented in 1946 at the first post-war Paris Motor Show. It was the first mass-produced car with an all-aluminium body. The engine is an interesting air-cooled flat-twin with torsion bar valve return. The transmission has four forward gears. The suspension is four-wheel independent with a transverse spring at the front and torsion bars at the rear. Production only started at the end of 1947, with the bodywork being manufactured by Facel Metallon in Colombes. Panhard left its mark on the 1948 Salon with the exhibition of the extraordinary Dynavia prototype, an exceptional aerodynamic study with highly advanced technical solutions. On the production Dyna, the headlights are streamlined and better integrated into the bodywork. The 1950 models were embellished with several polished aluminium trim strips on the bodywork and a new radiator grille with a central round motif. In April, the 4 HP 745 cm³ engine developing 33 HP makes its appearance under the X86 mine type, the car now reaches 120 km/h. For the 1951 models, presented at the show in October 1950, the dashboard evolves and becomes with single dial moreover the hood receives five beautiful shells of ventilation.

This Panhard Dyna X86 sedan was registered in 1952. It was bought new by a nurse who used it for some time before giving it to her father, a doctor. It remained in the same family for many years before being acquired by its current owner in 2011. The car is in good general condition, the paintwork has been touched up during its life, but the interior is still completely original after about 50,000 kilometres. The car is drivable, but a service is required to drive safely.
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