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45000 - 55000 EUR
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Result : 66 840EUR
Serial number BK111
Only two owners
Rare original hard top
Many recent charges
French collector's registration

In 1957 the idea was born to enlarge the Facel range by creating a "small" Facel.
This market was the prerogative of MG, Triumph, Porsche, Alfa Romeo... The specifications were the same as for the V8s: tubular chassis and welded steel body, independent front suspension, rigid rear axle, high quality finish... But in "European" proportions with an elegant convertible body. Pont-à-Mousson supplies the engine and gearbox of this new car. Presented in 1959, the Facellia is a real Facel-Vega, its 1.6 Litre Pont-à-Mousson engine develops 115 horsepower at 6 400 revolutions per minute and gives good performances. Replaced in 1963 by the Facel III, the Facellia will have been produced to 1045 copies including 614 convertibles.

This Facel-Vega Facellia type FA was put into circulation in Paris, on July 7, 1960, in the name of Mr Henri Ayache, representative. Purchased from Impérial Garage, 23 Boulevard de Courcelles in Paris, for 21,954 Francs, the car was quickly fitted with an accessory car radio and its matching removable roof worth 1,233.96 Francs. Henri Ayache thus kept the car until 2014, handing it over to its current owner. It is therefore a real second hand! If the body and the interior have been kept in a patinated state, close to the original, the Facellia has been maintained to be able to drive. So we were able to drive the car for about 50 kilometers without any problem. Indeed, many costs were implemented to ensure the reliability of the French beauty. Over the last five years, the following work has been carried out: the ignition has been completely restored by Vega Passion in Samoreau, the Paris-Rhône starter has been restored by Bobinage Houdanais SARL, the radiator has been rebuilt by Oise Radiateurs. The Vintage Racing company also did a lot of work on the Facel: the fuel pump was replaced, the oil purifier was cleaned, the camshaft cover sealing was redone, the air filter box was repaired, the air filter was replaced, the ignition wiring harness was checked, the electrical wiring harness was checked, cleaned and made reliable, the carburettor was checked and cleaned, the ignition coil was replaced, the braking system was checked and cleaned... At the wheel, the Facellia behaves normally, the engine is running correctly and produces a very nice sound specific to Pont-à-Mousson. The suspensions work normally and the brakes are not lacking. The bodywork has a certain patina but is very healthy. The original interior is in a rare condition despite the defects of time. Above all, the car comes with its very rare original hard-top matching the paint and the upholstery. The soft top is in average condition, but not torn.
This Facellia is a very interesting car, in a rare authentic condition, but above all it is a well maintained car with an interesting history as it remained in the hands of its first owner for 54 years!
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