1952 JAGUAR XK120 SE ROADSTER Serial number... - Lot 72 - Osenat

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1952 JAGUAR XK120 SE ROADSTER Serial number... - Lot 72 - Osenat
1952 JAGUAR XK120 SE ROADSTER Serial number S672879 Interesting "Special Equipment" version Matching numbers Nice condition of restoration French collector's registration On 27 October 1948 the first post-war British Motor Show opened its doors at Earls Court in London. No one was prepared for the shock of the presentation on the Jaguar stand of a sublime bronze roadster, the brand new and revolutionary XK 120. William Lyons had just set the bar very high, as far as sports and production cars were concerned. 60 years later, we still look back at the superb lines of the roadster and listen with the same pleasure to the blare of the fabulous XK engine. With 6 cylinders and 2 overhead camshafts, it is a true ultra sport engine that equips this sculpture on wheels. A great success, this brand new engine will delight XK enthusiasts for decades to come as it evolves with the times. The 120 of XK 120 comes from its maximum speed, 120 miles per hour or nearly 200 km /h, which was verified by the magazine The Motor and by the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium in 1949, these two entities happily exceeding the 120 MPH. The car thus had a well-deserved name and became one of the fastest, if not the fastest, mass-produced road cars of its time. The roadster went into production in 1949 and demand was instantaneous. In competitions around the world, XK 120s were the first to cross the finish line. Today, many XK 120s still compete in races and rallies and provide great pleasure to their drivers. Emblematic of the British revival in the immediate post-war period, the XK 120 is one of the icons of automotive history, and probably one of the most famous British cars. This Jaguar XK120 Roadster was launched in 1952. It is an interesting "Special Equipment" version with wire wheels and a 190 horsepower engine. It was acquired by its current owner in the early 2010s. A restoration was then undertaken and is particularly well documented by numerous invoices, most of them from the renowned supplier S.N.G. Barratt. The white paint was completed in 2014, while the black alpaca hood and red leather upholstery were restored in 2015. The engine retains its original numbers and underwent a major overhaul of both the upper and lower engine in 2014 at EP Mécanique SARL. Today, this Jaguar XK120 presents itself in a beautiful state of restoration, its bodywork has no major defects and its interior has remained in a new appearance. Behind the wheel, the Jaguar behaves well, the engine is lively and the gearbox works normally. The drivetrain offers a good feeling on the road, only a slight play is perceptible at the steering level and should be checked. Note that this XK120 was made more reliable by the installation of an aluminium radiator and an electric fan at the front. We could also see the underbody of the car, which is in good visual condition, without any trace of corrosion or shock. The car will be sold with a valid technical control from February 2021, stipulating only a minor play in the steering. Finally, new side-screens will be provided to the buyer. This is a very nice Jaguar XK120 Roadster that we present today for sale, a very pleasant car to drive and particularly performing!
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