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Serial number SCAZN42AXFCX12181 Engine number 12181 French title Rolls-Royce, an association of two names that resonates in everyone's mind like the souverains of the ultra-luxury automobile that has reigned since 1906, offering comfortable, flexible and powerful sedans that are technologically advanced, customisable and inaccessible to a major part of the population. Guided by the Spirit of Ecstasy, which appeared in 1911, a Rolls-Royce promises a timeless experience for both driver and passenger. It is still following this philosophy that the Silver Spirit was created in 1980, replacing the famous Silver Shadow, which has been in the catalogue for more than 15 years. In four generations until 1998, 19340 Spirit cars were built, the first true "mass production" car of the brand and the last car designed before the takeover of Rolls-Royce by BMW. The Silver Spirit is available for purchase in three body styles that evolve in size: the Spirit with a length of 5,270 metres, the Spur with 5,338 metres and finally the Touring Li-mousine with a length of 6 metres. Equipped with a 6.75l V8 engine coupled to a 3-speed Hy-dramatic gearbox designed to handle the engine's monstrous torque, the car proves to be very flexible despite its more than 2.5 tons on the scale. While power isn't a major concern for a Rolls, this model develops just over 300 horsepower transmitted to the front wheels for a maximum speed of 225 km/h. The Rolls Royce Silver Spur that we are offering for sale was delivered new in California on April 11th 1985 by Sterling Motors in Newport Beach to Magdenlencia Investisments at Beverly Hills in an original configuration with a Royal Blue body (code 9510457) and a Beige Ever-flex Roof vinyl roof (code 5201). The original stainless steel wheel trims are highlighted by long chrome strips on the bodywork, which are also found on the window frames and mirror housings. The wide Rolls Royce grille topped by the Spirit
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