1936 Delahaye 134N Cabriolet Labourdette

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1936 Delahaye 134N Cabriolet Labourdette
Chassis number 47026 Bodywork number 6507 One of the four 134 cars built by Labourdette 2 copies known today Nice restoration condition French title "The men were ecstatic in front of the magnificent carriages. Later, amazed and fascinated by the roaring engines, they aspired to wrap the newborn automobiles in comfortable bodies with graceful, tapering volumes, whose lines suggested speed. The woman, sensitive and coquettish, guessed at once that the bodywork of her car could add to its charm. The bodywork enchanted me! My life was intimately linked to it. For her, I imagined. I put a lot of effort into it. It brought me great sorrow and joy: it was my "Beloved"! On the strength of my experience, I can affirm that the art of bodywork is a complete art, because its perfection requires the union of three perfections: that of the sensitive which demands beauty; that of the rational obtained by the realization of a total comfort; that of the execution, testimony of the skill, of the intelligence of the conscience of the manual man. » Jean Henri-Labourdette in 1972. Jean-Henri Labourdette, a pioneer in car bodywork, succeeded his father Henri-Jean Labourdette at the head of the horse and car bodywork company "Henri-Labourdette" created in 1855 and located on Avenue de Malakoff in Paris. After several stylistic successes in the bodywork of horse-drawn vehicles in the second half of the 19th century, the company began to produce the first bodies for mass-produced petrol-powered cars, including some Renault type A cars in 1899. It was in 1910, when Henri-Jean's untimely death occurred, that his son skilfully developed his activity by carrying out modern bodywork and in the artistic trend of the time, his work enabled him to be recognised as one of the best bodywork specialists of the early 20th century in France alongside Chapron, Saoutchik, Figoni & Falaschi etc. Wanting to stand out stylist
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