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CHATEAUBRIAND (Fra nçois-René de). Autograph... - Lot 87 - Osenat
CHATEAUBRIAND (Fra nçois-René de). Autograph letter signed. S.l., "Thursday evening" November 26, 1813. 3 pp. in-4. EXTRAORDINARY LETTER ON THE WAR OPPOSING NAPOLEON I TO EUROPE. "« ... I'm not so busy that I don't think about the news. I think about it enough, so that they prevent me from working. I ALSO WANT PEACE VERY MUCH, BUT I DON'T COUNT ON IT. THE ALIES WILL ASK FOR THINGS INCOMPATIBLE WITH THE HONOUR OF FRANCE, and we will show them that they have counted without their host. THE BEAR IS NOT ON THE GROUND, AND WE ARE NOT YET HOLDING HIS HIDE. If, however, we are happy enough to have peace, I shall begin my long and final journeys, and this is what makes me happy, independently of the happiness of France. You would be kind enough to tell me sometimes what you know, when there is something new and important. THE CONGRESS OF MANHEIM [after the defeat of Napoleon I at Leipzig in October 1813, Metternich put forward a proposal to begin peace negotiations which were to take place at Mannheim but never did], THE MARCH OF THE Enemies, THEIR PLAN, THEIR RESOLUTION, ARE THOSE THINGS WHICH DESERVE TO BE FOLLOWED. Barring unforeseen events, I will not be in Paris before Christmas, or at the earliest, the 15th of next month. Tell a thousand things to JOUBERT on my behalf [the moralist Joseph Joubert, a friend of Chateaubriand's who would publish an anthology of his manuscripts], as well as to the people who still remember me. M[a]d[am]e de Chateaubriand thanks you and gives you back all your memories. I embrace you with all my heart... »
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