ARAGON (Louis). Signed autograph manuscript... - Lot 75 - Osenat

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ARAGON (Louis). Signed autograph manuscript... - Lot 75 - Osenat
ARAGON (Louis). Signed autograph manuscript entitled "November 7 is indeed the feast of the Godless". [Moscow, 1932]. 4 folio in red ink. ANTI-RELIGIOUS ASPECTS OF THE FESTIVAL COMMEMORATING THE OCTOBER REVOLUTION IN MOSCOW. Louis Aragon stayed in Moscow from the spring of 1932 to the spring of 1933, working within the International Union of Revolutionary Writers, and published the present account on December 1, 1932 in Paris in the organ of Proletarian Free Thought, The Antireligious and Proletarian Struggle. "« ... FINALLY MARCHED THE FACTORIES, TWO MILLION MEN AND WOMEN ... And this immense joyful river, fast, singing, dancing, carried placards, caricatures, flags, only red flags!, slogans, samples of work (sheet metal plates, models of locomotives, rubber, etc.), anti-religious subjects, because this crowd no longer has a god, this immense crowd no longer has a god. What an extraordinary figure stands above this crowd where the best shock workers of socialist construction, the best pioneers of the kolkhozes and sovkhozes are, the baroque cathedral, like a ghost of the past! The heap of its small coloured domes, above the dark and twisted chapels, seems to be the perspective of one of those caricatures that the crowd carries away as they sing. IT SEEMS AS IF WE'VE PICKED UP HERE, ON THE SIDE WHERE THIS CROWD IS GOING, ALL THESE BYZANTINE ARCHITECTURES IN A KIND OF SYNTHESIS OF CLERICAL OBSCURANTISM? »
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