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Estimation :
45000 - 55000 EUR
Result with fees
Result : 55 200EUR
Serial number C249
Good condition
Desirable Volvo-engined version
Known history - 25,727 kilometres
French car registration document

This Facel-Vega Facel III with serial number 249 was delivered on 10 June 1964 by Ets. Dumond in Lyon following the order 9435. This is the Facel III with production number 4249, a car with engine number 145. The car was thus iridescent Facel blue with a beige interior. It had the wheel covers, the watch, the Overdrive and the 4.56 axle.
Between 1966 and 2010, the car would not have changed hands until it arrived at Passion Classic Auto in Nice, which will undertake its restoration. They then described FBC 249 as "a genuine first hand with 17,000 certified kilometres". Indeed, in its first life, the Facel belonged to a couple from the Saint-Etienne area, following a slight accident in the early 1970s, the car was repainted in the best possible way, but in a different blue from the original. Owning other cars, including an Alfa-Romeo 2600 Sprint, the couple put the Facel in storage while it was being given a new paint job. Unfortunately, life being what it is, the couple's professions and several moves have left the Facel in waiting. After 37 years of immobilisation, the beautiful French car was put up for sale by its owner, in secret from his wife who was too attached to the car.
This is how the latter arrived at Passion Classic Auto, in Nice, complete and in good general condition considering its low mileage. However, a restoration was necessary to give a second life to the car. This is why it was dismantled in large part so that each part of the car, each one more difficult to find than the other, could be reconditioned.
The mechanics, which were only slightly worn, were restored in accordance with the rules of the trade. Compressions were taken, they were excellent, all the peripherals were removed, all the seals were changed with original Volvo parts, the block was repainted in its fac
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