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25000 - 30000 EUR
Serial number 4512 Only 433 copies Many recent charges Technical inspection of less than 6 months French title This 1960 Morgan Plus 4 Drophead Coupe was restored in 1998. Its body has a beautiful appearance, only a woodwork in the frame of the driver's door deserves attention. The soft top is also in a good condition, above all, the interior all dressed in red presents very well. From a mechanical point of view, many costs were incurred in 2016 on and around the engine by Atelier Harper in Longpont sur Orge, all to the tune of € 22,000. The engine-gearbox assembly was removed, the cylinders, pistons, connecting rod bearings and bearings, camshaft, pushrods, chain and timing tensioner were replaced. The cylinder head has been modified for unleaded fuel use, the carburetors and ignition have been revised. The fuel system has been cleaned. The engine compartment was cleaned and stripped for painting. The complete electrical harness has been replaced and the accessories reassembled and checked. A complete exhaust system was installed. The braking system was overhauled, including the replacement of the master cylinder, the rebuilding of the front calipers and the bleeding of the brake circuit. At the wheel, the Morgan offers healthy behavior, its engine and gearbox work correctly, only a synchro defect is felt on the second downshift. Nevertheless, the revs are clear while the running gears do not show any particular driving faults. A technical control was carried out for the sale shows only a minor defect, a deteriorated floor in the center, being a defect in the wood thereof. It is thus a beautiful copy of Morgan that we are offering for sale today, what is more, a rare version with many advantages over the more common Morgan, all offered with a new engine! File available on request.
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