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French collector's registration document

With a design by Heuliez, Renault brings Alpine into the world of GTs, the V6 Turbo takes up the features of the A310 while becoming more bourgeois and wider. The recipe remains the same with a fiberglass body and a rear mid-engine, but the latter adopts a Garrett T3 Turbo bringing its power to 200 hp. The interior is designed by Marcello Gandini and is typically 80s style. The performance offered by the V6 Turbo is enhanced by a weight contained at 1,210 kilograms, allowing for road handling worthy of its lineage! In total, just over 4600 units were built, and finding one in good condition is not so easy.

This Alpine-Renault V6 Turbo was imported from Japan by its current owner. The owner has continued to maintain the car until today, with 84,000 kilometres on the odometer. It has its original audio system. Recently, all the suspension silent blocks were replaced, while an overhaul was done (oil change, filters, spark plugs). It is thus a very beautiful car, that the Alpine blue colour only sublimates!
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