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Estimation :
250000 - 300000 EUR
Result with fees
Result : 200 400EUR
Serial number 6450
Motor number 50147
Production number 25147
In the same hands for nearly twenty years
Body and mechanical restoration between 2002 and 2006
French car registration document

The Lamborghini Islero was born from the pencil of Ferruccio Lamborghini himself, to replace the elegant Lamborghini 400 GT. The bodywork designed by Mario Marazzi is extremely sober, with taut but sensual lines and a stocky silhouette that gives it a certain bestiality. However, when it was presented in 1968, the Islero perhaps seemed too wise in the face of a Lamborghini catalogue that was particularly confusing from an aesthetic point of view. Indeed, the Miura had appeared two years earlier, and then the Marzal concept presented in 1967 also offered a different vision of the bodywork, which would end up on the Espada. The Islero then took the mechanical base of its big sister 400 GT, including the tubular chassis and the 60° V12 designed by Bizzarrini. In spite of its great assets on the exceptional GT market, the Islero mainly seduced discreet businessmen hesitating between the DBS, Daytona and other Ghibli. In total, only 225 units were produced, of which 100 were S models. A true roadster, it doesn't forget its Italian origins, with 320 horsepower on the first models and 350 horsepower on the Islero S, all at 7,700 rpm, a huge output for a 4-litre car! The powertrain thus allowed four occupants to travel at almost 265 km/h in comfort, mixed with leather, wood and velvet. Pleasant to drive, the Islero remains one of the few Sant'Agata bulls to offer accessible handling, at least for a V12-powered GT at the front at the time. The Islero was thus an excellent car halfway between a pure sports car and a GT, which is probably why Paul Rilly and Roger Levève chose one to participate in the 1975 Le Mans 24 Hours, an adventure that ended in qualifying after an accident.

This Lamborghini Islero S was produced in May 1969 and delive
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