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Estimation :
45000 - 55000 EUR
Result with fees
Result : 60 000EUR
Serial number 047
Same owner for 27 years
Beautifully restored
French car registration

The idea of expanding the Facel range from the bottom up by creating a "small" Facel was born in 1957.
This market was the preserve of MG, Triumph, Porsche, Alfa Romeo...
The specifications are the same as for V8s: tubular chassis and welded steel shell, independent front suspension, rigid rear axle, high quality finish... But in "European" proportions with an elegant convertible body. Pont-à-Mousson supplies the engine and gearbox for this new car. Presented in 1959, the Facellia will have a lot of engine reliability problems, and Facel will have big financial problems with warranty exchanges! Turning to Volvo to supply the engine for the P1800, an excellent, reliable and trouble-free mechanics, the Facellia becomes Facel III. A few aesthetic changes, the rear "knife" lights become round, the trunk is also rounded, the headlights are Marchal's Megalux and the grille is closer to the "big" Facel II. This model will have an excellent reputation but will not save the brand...

This Facel Vega Type FB was first registered on July 12, 1963. According to its file, we know that it was acquired new by Mr Didier Portal, in Saint Cyr sur Loire. It then passed into the hands of Mr Dominique Semblat, in Bourges, from 1973. The latter would then sell it to Mr. Guillaume Dufour, an antique dealer in Auxerre, in 1989. The latter sold it to its current owner in 1993. The car was then patiently restored, in terms of body and interior. In fact, the engine had been rebuilt in 1989 at the request of Mr. Semblat, and the odometer read 56,127 kilometres. The bodywork was stripped and underwent sheet metal work to eradicate rust. The body was then painted in a superb metallic grey, while the interior was painted beige. The restoration was thus completed in 1997, as confirmed by an expertise. Since then, the car has covered just over 10,000 kilometres,
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