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Chassis no. S8368111DN
Engine n°VA1855-8
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In 1957, almost 10 years after the launch of the oldest of the family, the 120, and after the 140 with its rack-and-pinion steering, Jaguar unveiled the XK150, a car with a radically different design from its predecessors. The car's profile has been softened and the windshield is now in a single curved plane, like the rear window of the coupe.
Mechanically, the biggest difference with the previous models is the introduction of disc brakes as standard. Disc brakes made their appearance at Le Mans in 1954 on the Jaguar D-Type. The steering is rack and pinion as on the 140, the engine is still the 3.4 litre 190 bhp base and 220 bhp SE version with a worked and blue painted cylinder head. More than an evolution, the 150 is a modern car that meets the requirements of the American market.

This Jaguar XK150 left the factory in December 1960 and is in a state close to the original, its paintwork, old would deserve a repair but its ivory-colored leather interior has a beautiful patina. In 2015, the car underwent an overhaul, including all fluids changes, a replacement of the fuel pump, fuel filter, and a retightening of the running gears. In 2017, the fuel system was overhauled, including a tank change and a complete cleaning of the carburettors. In the same year the car was replaced:
-the upper and lower front wishbones
-front wheel bearings
-brake pads
-stabilizer bar silentblocks
-front and rear brake hoses
the self-locking bridge bearing
-the spinnaker deck seal
-the spinnaker joint of the drive shaft and its bearing
-rear hubs
-the rear brake discs
-exhaust silencers
-the fuel tank
-the igniter head
-accessory belts
-the brake servo
-the vacuum hose
-clutch transmitter and receiver

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