Exceptional frame of souvenirs and orders... - Lot 105 - Osenat

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4000 - 6000 EUR
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Result : 12 375EUR
Exceptional frame of souvenirs and orders... - Lot 105 - Osenat
Exceptional frame of souvenirs and orders of chivalry from the de Canolle family, including : Order of Saint Louis - Regency period knight's cross. Gold and enamel (chips). Ribbon. 42 x 38 mm. Order of Malta - Knight's Cross. Gold and enamel. Articulated crown. Fluted ring. Ribbon. 24 x 12 mm. Order of the Legion of Honour - Knight's Cross in reduction from the Restoration period. Silver, gold and enamel. Ribbon. 30 x 19 mm. Decoration of the lily - Lily under a silver crown embossed, pearled. Ribbon. 35 x 15 mm. Bordeaux cuff decoration - Cuff motif, in enamelled gold (small sparkle) with the figure of King Louis XVIII, on a radiating background of canetille and silver gilt sequins. 61 x 94 mm. - Decoration of the Bordeaux cuff - Gold and enamel (small chip on the reverse). Solidary crown. Ribbon. 33 x 21 mm. - Decoration of the Bordeaux cuff In gold and enamel (small chips). Articulated crown. Cock's head punch (1809-1819) Ribbon. 33 x 21 mm. - Decoration of the Bordeaux cuff, reduced In gold and enamel (small splinter on the reverse). Solid crown. Ribbon. 22 x 14 mm. - Gold bar (cock's head stamp) of four Restoration period reductions, attributed to François-Henry, Chevalier de Canolle: Decoration of the Bordeaux armband in gold and enamel, Maltese Cross in gold and enamel, Restoration period Legion of Honour in silver and enamel, decoration of the Lily in silver. (Small splinters) Ribbons in the colours of the four reductions. Souvenirs - King Louis XVIII in bust. Round miniature under glass, lined on the reverse with sky blue silk, under a ribbon of the royal volunteers. 23 mm. - Ring of the Company of "Grenadiers on horseback", attributed to François-Henry, Knight of Canolle. In gilt copper, decorated with foliage and shields. Kitten with a bright pomegranate with motto "Undique temor", "Undique lethum" and "Honneur et Fidélité" in shields. Inside, two crossed hands in relief. -Loyalty ring called "Ghent", attributed to François-He
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