Austrian flintlock rifle traditionally reputed... - Lot 154 - Osenat

Lot 154
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Austrian flintlock rifle traditionally reputed... - Lot 154 - Osenat
Austrian flintlock rifle traditionally reputed to have killed General MARCEAU. Barrel with sides, striped, with point of focus (detached and absent notch) and punch with thunder. Numbered "2" at the tail of the breech. Drum with rear end cap. Period ascent with a lock signed "BOUVIER" (harquebusier from Lyon) and engraved with Diane chasseesse and deer. And a dog engraved with scrolls, with flat bodies. Brass trim carved with rockery motifs and characters and game. Sculpted walnut stock, with draped cheek, with space for a diopter. Brass thumb piece. Wooden rod with brass tip. Drawer of stick with ticket with old feathered ticket " A Tyolian hunter killed General Marceau in retirement at 1200m from Altenkirchen with this weapon pulled by me from the murderer before having him shot - 1796 - Ouir..... Length: 105 cm. End of the 18th century. Background: "A Kaiser's hood, a Hungarian cavalry, stood in front of the general and tried to provoke him, to attract him to himself, while the wolf hunter adjusted him. The shot started from behind a tree, to the right of the road. The bullet brushes against Captain Souhait, and hits Marceau in the left arm, which she crosses, she will penetrate the body, above the last rib. Without saying a word, he turns his horse, and withdraws. The cover starts immediately after him at a gallop, Wish gets between them, and hurts the soldier with a pistol shot. The frightened horse, takes his rider who was bowed on his neck: Wished he was pursuing him, and seeing him rise, he offers him life, but unnecessarily, he defends himself, a blow of his sword throws him dead down on his horse. Wish, master of the horse, brought him back seriously to his general, at the moment when two other hoods came to the rescue of their comrade, but Marceau's two prescriptions made them flee. "One of these brave men was the hunter Martin, who had served under Marceau in the Germanic legion and had never left it. The second was a horseman from the 17 regiment. It i
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