There are various ways of obtaining a valuation or authentication for an object belonging to you: - You can come and show us the object at our offices in Paris or Fontainebleau, Mondays to Fridays from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m., and 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. (with or without an appointment). - You can contact us by telephone on +33 (0)1 80 81 90 01: we will then come to your home. - You can send us photographs of objects by post, or by email at or by using our online estimate form.

The advantage of selling at auction

Among the various options open to you (such as direct sale to an antiques dealer, small ads, sale-or-return stores or e-bay), a public auction remains the best solution for selling your objects at the best price in total security. This is because it ensures competitive bidding from various buyers potentially interested in your item, and guarantees a sale to the party making the highest bid. As the auctioneer is paid according to the money made from selling your objects, he/she is a genuine partner.

We sell items of all values. When you deposit your items, a mandate of sale is drawn up, indicating each of the lots deposited and the costs and conditions of sale.

Through this mandate of sale, you authorise Osenat to represent you for the auction of the items you have entrusted to it.

In order to obtain the best price, items deposited are spread out between the various sales organised at Osenat:

- Sales of small furniture items, curios and everyday objects (every Friday)
- Classic sales of furniture and objets d’art, paintings and jewellery (every last Sunday in the month)
- Speciality sales: Empire, historical mementos, 19th century painting, Collectors' Automobiles, Decorative Arts and 20th Century Painting, Jewellery, etc.

There are no withdrawal fees if the object is not sold.
Payment is sent to you by cheque-letter one month after the sale.
The amount you receive is not included in your taxable income.

The details shown in the catalogue are drawn up by Osenat with the diligence required for a voluntary sales company selling furniture at public auction, subject to any corrections displayed in the saleroom before the sale starts, or any announced at the start of the sale by the person authorised to conduct it, which are then included in the sale report.
The details indicated are based on information provided by the seller, and on scientific, technical and artistic knowledge or opinions generally recognised by experts and specialists, and which exist at the time these details are indicated.

Condition reports are available on request.
All goods are sold in the condition they are found in at the time of the sale, with all their imperfections and defects. No claims can be accepted for minor restorations or minor damage.  
It is the responsibility of prospective bidders to examine each lot before the sale and satisfy themselves that each lot matches its description. Re-lining, frames and finings constituting a protective measure, not a defect, will not be indicated. Measurements are given for information only. 
At the presale viewing, all potential buyers will have a chance to inspect each object on offer before the sale, in order to examine their characteristics, size and any repairs or restoration work. 

Presale viewings are open to everybody, free of charge. 

Bids can be made by people in the room, by telephone or by absentee bid. Requests for telephone bidding and absentee bids must be sent to Osenat at least 24 hours before the sale, by fax to +33 1 64 22 38 94, or by email to
As most of the staff at Osenat are multilingual, you can ask to bid in the language of your choice.   

Sales costs can vary depending on the sale. To find out more, you should refer to the general conditions of the sale concerned.  

Buyers can pay for their purchases as follows:
- by bank transfer
- by bank card ( Visa or MasterCard)
- in cash, if they are private individuals whose fiscal domicile is in France, for sums equal to or
less than €3,000  
- by cheque, with proof of identity.

The sales administration service is available to answer any questions,
- by email at
- by telephone at +33 1 80 81 90 06

According to article L321-14 of the French Commercial code, "if the successful bidder fails to pay after notification to do so has remained without a response, the item is put up for sale again at the request of the seller as a crazy bid of the defaulting bidder; if the seller does not express this wish within one month of the date on which the item was knocked down, the sale is cancelled as of right, without prejudice to any damages due by the defaulting successful bidder."  

Osenat is a member of the auctioneers' central register for the prevention of non-payments, to which problems of non-payment may be referred.
Rights of access, correction and opposition for a legitimate reason can be exercised by the debtor concerned with SYMEV, 15 rue Freycinet 75016 Paris.

Objects can only be handed over after the bill of sale has been paid in full. Storage costs are invoiced by Osenat to buyers who have not withdrawn their purchases 15 days after the sale, as follows:

-         €10 per day for an item of furniture
-         € per day for an object or a painting;

The shipping service is available for the transport of purchases both in France and abroad.

With Chronopost, DHL, UPS, specialist companies and freight agents, we can offer various suitable solutions.

Contact: +33 1 80 81 90 14 or